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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


My hydrangea, which I thought I had lost due to the freeze, thaw, refreezing we've had,
is all budded out--I L O V E hydrangeas--those big fluffy blooms--looking forward to that!

Even my Bleeding Hearts that my good friend Jean gifted me are up despite the weather...they
are so delicate and lovely...

                                                  AND Miss Lavender made it, too..

All these plants are just off of our back deck by the stairway down to our backyard...here is where I usually also plant my basil; my mums are still asleep--the dried twigs from last year and leaves keeping them warm for now.  I am waiting to uncover things as I do not TRUST this CT
up-and-down weather this 2016 year.

                                                                 V O I L A ! !

I set out my vase of forsythia and daffodils on top of my Spring hexagon garden topper that
I finished last year...I had forgotten how much I liked it as it was packed away in a drawer
wintering over....I got that pretty yellow vase from my daughter on my last birthday
...it goes so perfectly there....

                       My favorite daffs are the ones with the orange/salmon middle trumpets..
And now, for something completely different!

I have been able to resume walking on Madam Treadmill--I am up to 25 minutes/day before
that cough gets pesky---
 and this is what I am watching on the tv DH set up for us to wile away
the minutes:

                                             You DO know him, right?? ;--))
                                               Monsieur Hercule Poirot.
 I go on what I am calling my"Mystery Walks" with him.
 I have finished episode 1 and am on the 2nd one now....
It really does help me to stay on the machine for my allotted time...I would really
rather walk outside--but the wind and cold has defeated that idea....
so on this no crafty doings post I wish you warmth and I am so glad that Spring is here....

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (Spring-ey-euse)


  1. I sometimes wonder if my Bleeding Hearts will ever grow! so tiny still and in their 3rd year now - I know you are glad to see signs of spring

  2. I'm happy to hear your plants are surviving. Hydrangeas are one of my absolute favorites. Your vase looks to cheery on the pretty runner.

    Keep up the good walk...even if it is on the treadmill. That is STILL exercise.

  3. Just spent some time catching up on your blog- the scrapbook pages are beautiful- love the one of Willa and Jeff and the one of your uncle- great memories. =) LOVE the color choices for Cass' quilt!!

  4. Happy Spring! Glad it has finally arrived for you.

  5. J'aime bien quand la nature se réveille...bon sport JulieRose devant Mr Poirot !!

  6. Doesn't forsythia just make you smile? Cute table topper and the flowers are lovely. I think your plants are a wee bit further than ours. Thinking warm thoughts. I need a treadmill.

  7. Your plants looks so lovely! It really does look like Spring! I think our weather is finally improving. Looks like a warm weekend!

  8. Spring is definitely on the way to you! You yellow vase and flowers are jus perfect on you table runner - Spring inside and out. Brave you tackling the treadmill!

  9. Glad you finally got some blooms, mine are just about gone

  10. Oh I love hydrangeas and have none here at our new place but I had some back in IL and one bush produced giant, gorgeous pink blooms. I hope to get one or two to plant here. They are so beautiful.

  11. yay for spring finally!! I have to check my hydrangea


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