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Monday, April 18, 2016


Here she is--BLOCK NO. 1 --34 left to go....I L O V E those Tiger Eyes peeking out.....

                           It is a bit wonky.. ya think???(actually MORE than a bit!!)

.and I am totally blaming the Kona Honeybun strips I am using !!
                                            --why you ask (as well you may):

 Because they ravel TERRIBLY!! As a matter of fact the threads got caught
in my feed dogs many times while I was sewing!!

 And they looked like they were TORN and not cut when I opened them up!!

I had purchased them quite a while ago from MSQ Co.---  so kinda surprised....

And, too long ago to return or get replaced---so going with them...what is it they say--???

                                                   Go With The Flow
See ya--
Hugs, Julierose  La Blageuse (not!! lol)
Later on.....after (isn't there always a before and after??)

P.S.  AND today I threw my back out somehow--canNOT figure out what I did either--
I just turned to get out of the car and WHAM BAM--
so icing, Aleve, and PT exercising again....(BOOOOO!!)

P.P. S.  so , instead of sewing or scrapping or anything else, really!!

am reading a new series--By C.C. Benison
 "Ten Lords A-Leaping (he uses the Twelve Days of Christmas as titles ---
 12 being the first one...)
VERY British and VERY funny.... ouch--don't laugh so hard....lol

NOW for the the good news.....;))))))

P.P.P.S..DH got me a Canon Selphy printer for my upcoming  May birthday---
Just SOOOOO Thrilled to bits....;--)))))
 a new lens for my camera--what a guy!!


  1. I like your block. Yeah I am not always thrilled with precuts. Feel better. The book is it a mystery?

  2. Hope your back is feeling better soon!

  3. Great post - love al the PS additions!!! Your block looks good, yes maybe a little wonky as you say but does that matter, when it's in with all the other blocks you may not notice it. I too have a few jelly rolls from Kona and have had the same problem with the ravelling. Sorry to hear about your back, mine too has gone haywire, not funny!

  4. you are one lucky gal! Happy early birthday!
    your quilt is coming along nicely.
    and you are NOT supposed to keep throwing out that back young ladY! dont make me come down there LOL

  5. Me and Colette threw out back out now you, watch out Dawn. Your block is great , been planning one of those quilts to, early happy birthday, hugs

  6. Woo hooo pour ton futur anniversaire !,
    C'est un bien joli début prometteur avec ce premier bloc !

  7. So sorry to hear about your back and hope you recover quickly. In the meantime, the book does sound like a great read.

    What wonderful gifts from your wonderful hubby!!

  8. hope your back is better soon - I like the idea of going with the flow

  9. Hope you feel better! I'm never happy with pre-cuts. I tried pre-washing them once and made such a mess! I'd rather cut them myself! Love your first block!


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