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Sunday, April 17, 2016


Remember this selection of Tula Punk's EDEN????

Well................ I have the charms all surrounded by white now
and am deciding which strips will surround which blocks:

I have set up the fabrics into groupings: flowery, geometrics, tone on tone and petit-point looking....
Am laying strips over blocks to see what I like..

Like this and

and this....and so on....

So, today I will start surrounding each block with one strip....
I am definitely a "Snail Sewer" these

Meanwhile, in my little front jardin----these have emerged--Love 'em!!

Little baby tulips and

Jonquils and

Look, Dawn, my rose is budding out --your coffee grounds and banana peel mulch seems to have worked its magic ;--)))) on my old transplanted rose from our old house--
12 years now we've been here....time does fly by....

On our Sunday menu today, will be homemade chicken soup and salad--I boiled down the carcass yesterday and will skim the resulting broth this noontime and add my veggies and noodles--
 I'll spin out my romaine and make a big tossed salad for two....yummers!!

This morning we are off to do a few errands:
 CVS for photo pickup,
 JoAnne's for glittery scrapbooking paper for
 punching out my hearts for my layouts....

It is VERY WINDY here again today--so we will be doing the treadmill walk--
DH is doing an Irish History walk
and I will be continuing my Hercule mystery saga....

And that's the news from our spot for today have a great Sunday all
hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (wearing many hats-euse)


  1. your spring has sprung overnight it seems. I have a few roses blooming so we are a little ahead of you but you are catching up fast. Today I must cut the grass as we are to get rain off and on starting Monday through Thursday morning - it is windy but I must get it done

  2. good thing we have our treadmills,been having March winds for two months here

  3. cant wait to see that quilt. so so pretty so far. and yes your roses look wonderful. I have not checked mine yet. I was checking on my lilacs and I see lots of buds this year. last year I had ONE flower :-(

    1. I want to get a Lemoyne lilac (shite and scented) my Grand'Mere always had one (her maiden name was LeMoine--are we French or what lol) Anyway--I hope the rose blooms now...I seem to not have good luck with them...maybe cause I keep on moving them? DUH...hugs Julierose

    2. oops--white not "shite" ;--000...yikes!!

    3. yes I have seen in books the white ones too. I wanted to make more of mine. it is old wood so last year and the year before I pruned it down. it paid me back with only one flower LOL

  4. Oh those look pretty! I can't wait to see it. Your roses are looking fabulous too.

  5. Your Sunday sounds delightful! Love what you're doing with the Eden fabrics, it's going to be a winner, and what lovely photos of your blooms - roll on Spring in NZ.

  6. Sounds like you had a big day yesterday. I love the spring in your garden.


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