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Sunday, April 3, 2016


                                   LOOKEE WHAT CAME IN YESTERDAY'S MAIL......

                                            My fabric for Cassidy's quilt....it is just so pretty....

                So, this afternoon, I set up and began sewing the 35 blocks I will need............

this is where I sat watching the sun play peek-a-boo with the snow squalls............

                  and here are the sewn strips for "round one" of eight rounds...

The first four rounds will use the white honey bun to surround each square -----
and then the next round will use the Eden 2.5" strips to surround them...
You can see a few bits of those pretties above on my ironing board....

I need 35 blocks in total--my quilt back (" Gypsy WannaBe") is 50" x 64"---and these blocks should finish at 10.5"--I say "should" as you  know how that goes....

Tomorrow, I will cut these apart and do round two and iron them out....
(I still tire easily, so baby steps).
I am moving slowly and enjoying the process of coming back to sewing.....after my long hiatus....

This morning I made my minnestrone soup for our Sunday supper along with
 my homemade cornbread.

For all of you who inquired--YES, I am finally beginning to feel better (despite this crazee
Wintry weather!!;--((( )
Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing-euse)


  1. So glad your energy is coming back! Getting fabric in the mail seems to be a great 'pick you up'! Enjoy your new project.

  2. Happy to know that you are beginning to feel better at last! What a long haul it's been for you. I can see you're enjoying the Eden fabrics, I really like the animal themed fabrics from Tula Pink, she has a new range - Chipper - based on chipmunks plus the odd fox!

  3. Sometimes, our special people require a special (fabric) purchase. Have FUN with it!!

  4. i am fixing cream potatos , chicken and dressing and green beans with cornbread

  5. dont cha just love a package from Jenny? fun fun. I made a chicken dinner in the oven. homey comfort food.....snow and sun and snow again here too. isnt it April? did Mother Nature fall asleep or something??? LOL

  6. I can't wait to see the quilt blocks. Looks like you were getting a lot done. Glad you are feeling better.

  7. Bee-You-Tee-Full colors peeking out between those white strips!

    1. I just really love the colors in this line, makes me happy to sew them....hugs, Julierose

  8. Je suis impatiente de découvrir tes blocs et....alleluia ! Je suis aussi heureuse de lire que tu vas mieux.....
    Come on JulieRose ! :)
    Grosses bises

  9. I am so impressed that you are already making the quilt with your new fabric.
    Mine would have sat around for a few months…years, before I'd use it :)

  10. Pretty fabrics! Perfect for Spring.

  11. Fabric in the mail, how wonderful. I like the start of this project, looking forward to seeing it come together.


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