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Thursday, April 21, 2016


First six blocks on Cass' quilt are done...of course they will be separated by white sashing strips in the finished quilt....
I never thought I'd like this yellow, but paired with the impressionistic print
it really sings....Tula Pink knows ;--)))

you can see the pairings
I choose here and...

and here,,I L O V E this one,,, with that shocking pink

this one,
There's that purple Cass loves....

So Spring-ey --reminds me of my little parrot tulips, which by the way, fold up every night and then open up when Mr. sun shines--how cute is that????

I am trying to "straighten out" those wonky white strips by placing the center block with the
white onto the 2.5" strips which are "pinked" but straight--WHOA, that white is wavy for sure....

They appear more aligned to me, doncha think??? They are all measuring 11" and I'll be adding 1.5" white strips (which I may end up cutting myself(!!) as separators....

We had FROST again last night, but now it is a lovely 57.3 degrees, and the wind has dropped--
which is lovely.  Hoping to sit out a bit around noon time and get some Vitamin D...

I hope you peeps are having a lovely day sewing...

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (slow sewing-euse)


  1. They're looking lovely - do you remember I said I had the very same fabric range - perhaps Tula Pinks will make it into a quilt later in the year. I love her animal themes!

  2. Nice blocks. My favorite is the coral with the lavender strips. That is an elephant is the coral, right?

  3. They look very pretty. Very spring!

  4. Your blocks look great! I love your color combinations!

  5. Like an I Spy for adults. Very interesting centers, well all of the colors are great. Your white problem may just be an optical illusion. Next to the prints they might look distorted, but be perfectly aligned.
    Did you consider setting the blocks solid - without separator strips? They look great now.

  6. Oh your blocks are fabulous. Love the colors it will be a great quilt.


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