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Wednesday, April 27, 2016


                                                 PLAYING WITH GRAND-PERE

Saturday, Jeff & Co came for lunch and "playtime" ;--))); we had pizza and salad and Grand'mere's
peanut butter brownies (Listen, gals, I don't know what happened but my brownies never and i mean NEVER come out right--this time I tried a box of Duncan Hines--followed instructions EXACTLY and yuck-) -BUT of course Mkey (aka DH) & girls loved them--Mikey eats anything (remember that ad? Or are you too young?   ;000

Any really good melt-in-your-mouth recipes out there--I'd be willing to make them from scratch....
I mean, Grand-meres HAVE to have super delish desserts after all.....

Grand-pere, can you come and sit with me...

Wait Wait, "Me too!!!"...............................................

Today we went out to breakfast (1 egg, 1 toast, 1 piece crispy bacon and ....wait, wait for it...
homefries...ooooh, such goodness.....
Then off to a local garden center where I got two of these "Hidecote" lavenders for the
front--since my poor baby hydrangea is a droopy mess....
One on either side to help out Hydie Hydrangea--oh yes I name them....Lolly and Lally Lavenders...

Then Mr. DH put in two lovely juniper bushes to fill a gap out front:

He is a hard worker.....

And here are my beau-ti-ful Ariel and Allie Azaleas

Loving that colors.....against the grey house....
They just shimmer....
And finally these little jonquils....by my garage door..and where they came from I don't know
they just appeared this year....

So sweet--three on a stem....

A lovely, if still cool, day; I hope you are able to get out and enjoy some Springtime
hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (jardin-euse)


  1. No gardening here. It's rainy and chilly. Best kind of day to stay inside and sew or work on a puzzle ... or both.

  2. the butter cups looks like some my son gave me from a old homestead on the land he bought on the mountan. very old

  3. Love those two little blossoms in the picture with Mikey. The sure are sweet.

  4. A lovely post from you to begin my day!! You sound to have had the best sort of day - grandchildren and gardening - and help with the planting!

  5. Magnifique post JulieRose avec un "grand-père" très fier de poser auprès de ses petites-filles !! Tu as une très belle famille !! :)

  6. Your yard is going to be gorgeous. Mine is a work in progress, and it is raining today.

  7. Happy times, with beautiful flowers and sweet grandies.

  8. What beautiful little grands!!! I am sure they will live you despite the brownies. My favorites are Betty Crocker, straight from the box directions. None of the fancies. They always turn out. Your azaleas are beautiful.

  9. love those pics! Hope the big guy is not working too hard ;-)


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