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Friday, April 22, 2016


                   I have been using the Franklin Covey planner/journal for over 15 years now...

and this year I decided to embellish with stickers and my own artsy jelly  pen work....
Here are two pages and my place keeper that  I made...

while tv watching I use my jelly pens and my Heeda stickers to decorate the upcoming days' pages...

the left side was my attempt at a Springtime blossoming...it was fun to do...

As I have mentioned before here, my very first love was papers, and pens from my childhood--I spent all of my allowance at our local stationary store...lol

here is a little close up for all you doodling fans of my jelly gold pen work--I don't know why
this makes me feel good, but it does.....kinda loose-goosey and messy....

Aren't those stickers adorable??

So you can think of me sitting watching the Red Sox (man, they had better get "on the stick" pretty soon) and working on my planner pages.

 I L O V E my Franklin and so have decided not to change, but rather to use it as a little art fun....I love the fact that everything is in here...telephones, daily schedules, and my thoughts....
I truly like it better than the Fauxbonichi which I  tried for a while, but really felt
pressured by it.....Franklin . is comfortable and "home" for me...

hugs, to you all--
P.S. we got into the 70'S today finally
--and my DH (be still my heart!!)put together my new Rascog utility rolling three tray
cart from IKEA for my scrapbooking "STUFF" . what fun...
Julierose, La Blageuse (Journal-euse)


  1. super cute. I have been a FP user too - but this year I'm using a pretty spiral calendar.

  2. It's just off the cuteness meter... I just adore the whole concept. I've been given stickers and didn't know how to use them but this is a great way. An art journal can use them too. Love!

  3. I used the FP for many years but mostly everything is electronic for me now. Can't very well decorate a computer screen or iPhone....oh, wait :)

    Your planner looks like a lot of happy fun!

  4. Love your doodles... have you tried Zentangle?
    Love that you color outside the lines. That might be the definition of art. Coloring for adults has become big stuff. Pretty much every store has coloring books for adults now. I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday... lots of them there. Coloring is supposed to be calming. Sounds like it's working for you!

  5. Use what makes you happy - that's my mantra.

  6. DH loves the Red Sox, he's from Waterford, ME. lol

  7. I love paper, pens, and all that stuff too. Love your idea and your pages. Cool!


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