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Saturday, December 14, 2019


                                        The start of a ( mostly) pink and red fun, scrappy piece

                                           Wrong side up here--need to iron them out
                                                (A little teaser here for you) ;)))

When I hung up this Christmas runner I made with DAWNIE at her site
Relaxing Robin blog SAL last year :

                                          The reds and pinks called my name...
[and while we're at it...
WHY don't they make more prints like this ↓↓↓↓ anymore???]

I especially like those reds and golds...
This is a little cut off piece from the 
quilt I made for my eldest grandson, Steven,
when he went into his "Big Boy" bed...
Now, how did he get to be 20 years old
so quickly?  ;((((

I decided some fun "just sewing" was in order on this 
gray rainswept day here....
Because I needed a treat after:
Earlier this morning I made egg salad for sandwiches
as our dinner along with french fries tonight...

Changed sheets and
did another laundry load

while Thom vacuumed the house with our brand new SHARK 
vacuum which we just love 💕💕
(it was our house's Christmas present this year)
Looking ahead....

I picked out a first pull of fabrics for this quilt which I hope will be
my 2020 long term project 
Lots and lots and lots of applique :000
Wish me luck....
Mine will certainly look different with these
fabrics...I am trying to just use 
my stash...

I hope you are having a wonderful pre-Christmas Saturday and
not having to rush around all stressed out...

💖P E A C E💖

Hugs, Julierose,
La Blageuse (pink/red-ing-euse) ;}}}


  1. Pink and red, one of my favorite combos.
    We are having snow again, yet, and still it seems. I have to keep reminding myself - winter doesn't start until the 20th or 21st.

  2. Pink and red! Delightful. You seem very inspired, I m happy you are feeling well and want to sew. The Santa Lane will be darling, I love it!
    It is very foggy here, but warm and not as dark as yesterday, such a relief. Maybe a short beach walk in needed!
    Your dinner sounds pefecto! I am making a roast, to have leftovers all week, I like to plan ahead.

    lots of holiday <3!


  3. Pink and red, I love that duo. I just received the Santa Claus Lane pattern in my mail yesterday. You are way ahead of me with your fabric already picked out.

  4. What a great project you have to look forward to next year... and me too watching your progress! Enjoy dinner =) We took FIL out for a very belated birthday mid afternoon lunch. I think we will all be full through the dinner hour. Maybe the cookies will be the snack tonight!

  5. Santa Claus Lane looks like a nice project to work on and have ready for next Christmas.

  6. Pink and red, loving the sweet slightly faded look of the reverse sides! Egg salad, yum! If only hubby liked it ...

  7. I like the fabrics you're using here and yes there is nothing better than just fun sewing when the mood takes us, especially when the weather is not too good. Wow, there certainly is a lot of applique around your Santa project but the project is happily not too large.

  8. Love your new project and I love the color combo of pinks and reds! Such great projects!!!

  9. Santa Claus Lane will be a fun year long project for you next year--can't wait to watch it grow!

  10. Love pink and red. Perhaps a valentine project?


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