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Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Memories/aNOTHer project????

Received some disturbing news about Mom in the nursing home today--sooo, had to get my spirits lifted:  Here's what i did:

And this is how I felt the whoosh of time flying by:

I have a really hard time during the holidays--with my darling Dad gone and Mom fading, it is hard for me to get into the spirit--not to complain--I have sooo much to be grateful for:

Here is a pix of my needlepoint ornament (there were three, but I gave one to each of my children last year:

I am thrilled that my children are coming on Monday after Christmas day--which Tommy and I will spend with Mom:

These are a few of the tags I made in my scrapping days:

Time moves on...
Every year we chose a person to be "santa" and he/she sits in my great grandmother's rocking chair to distribute the goodies.....wearing, natch!  Le Chapeau....

and so, mes amies...here is my latest folly--yet another project-- that called to me-- i HAVE to do it...

the very start of my" Jardin Spider Web"....love love love this pattern....so much fun--it totally lifted my spirits this fogbound day here in SE CT....Have a great week...

Julierose, La Blaquese --Memories edition


  1. Your ornaments are lovely. I hope you feel better about things. I think the holidays are a tough time for everyone. They're busy and so much has to get done. Memories make us think about how things used to be. I know how that feels. My dad is forgetting more and more with each passing day. You'll have a great holiday! I guess we just have to try and be positive! Until then, keep quilting! I did some machine quilting today. Sewing is so healing!

  2. It's good you found something to help you feel a little better. Your tree looks great, I don't even have mine yet. I could totally get into scrapbooking but will not even look at those pretty papers!

  3. Hi Julierose- thank you for visiting my blog, so I am visiting you right back. Love your Jardin Spider Web too! Strings are a lot of fun!


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