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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday "Blues-ey" , et al

Well, Blues-ey----Together--at last--

It's a little crooked (Babe's arms were gettin' tired--off-dah!!)

THERE--a little better...This is the first quilt I've attempted with SOOOOO many little pieces--AND--I know I turned some of the blocks the WRONG WAY (aaargh!!) BUT....since it's just for my little cover-up--I decided to leave them (actually I didn't even see it until I took these pix!!  LOL); it's supposed to be diamond shapes --oh well...c'est la vie. 

I have a question for you readers:  When you use templates (acrylic or other) do you personally trace around them and then cut with scissors or rotary cut?

 I got these templates from Katy at "I'm A Ginger Monkey" a few weeks ago as I L-O-V-E-D this pattern--hexagons, you say--no, really (duh!!  ROTFLOL):

AND I plan to hand-piece it--hubby thinks I've finally, irretrievably and utterly "Lost It" big time
 :--}} (he has a moustache--that's him guffawing away....)
 this is why he N E V E R enters my quilting space:
 and HE has NO idea just how much fabric is in there---but I digress...anyhooo...
Here's a pix of it "Spring Carnival":

Isn't it just yummy??? 

We are still awaiting that Nor'Easter that is supposed to bring us our much-needed rain. I keep humming..."Soon it's gonna rain, I can feeeel it, soon it's gonna rain, rain like h***"--uh, a few little lyric changes there...
Adieu mes amies--have a super Sunday--Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Glad you now have rain. Your rain song must have worked. Lol

  2. I love that spring carnival pattern. Not sure how she intends you to use those templates. Do they include seam allowance for rotary cutting or no seam allowance for tracing?


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