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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Here's the top 1/2 of my "Blue-sy" quilt which I sewed totally as a "Leader & Ender" project:

(Here's a little tip: File Under" DO NOT START A QUILT WITH ONE MACHINE AND THEN.......
SWITCH TO ANOTHER PART WAY THROUGH!!)  BUT, ever the optimist, I am following Mary Ellen Hopkins' advice:  just center the smaller square on top of the larger one and stitch away--it'll all come out in the end....ROTFLOL...let's hope anyway:

A very scrappy, old fabric look here....like my "at home" look (heh heh);

And here is my new little project as Leader&Ender --they are little babies...I {heart} them:

"Bebe's got a new Bowtie":  yummy cheddar prints and dark flower & fruit prints...got lotsa these babes out in sets. 

Am happily  quilting away on my "Diamonds are Forever" hexie--I think I've forgotten how to hand quilt tho'--it's been so long..

Time to do my "Rain Dance" (not a good visual-- LOL)--it is soooo dry here--we are in a constant "Red Fire Alert" here in SE CT.....  see y'all later...Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Love both of your quilts! They both look like they're coming along very nicely! We need rain too up here in NE Mass! It does look a bit cloudy but no rain as of yet!!

  2. We are also in the "red zone" as far as weather goes.
    Love the quilts, you are making lots of progress!


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