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Friday, April 27, 2012


It's been one of THOSE weeks:  electricians in and out --a lil' mousie, it seems, ate through one of our wires and threw out the whole bedroom & bath area of the house.  (Sigh); so somewhere in our bedroom wall a "crispy critter" is lying.....ugh!!

OK: enough whining...this is what I am doing with Spiders in the Jardin:

Hand quilting--don't look TOO closely--the stitches are not all that even or small--BUT--it is getting easier--coming back to me a little.  I {heart} doing this at night, so soothing.....( I machined the big seams and tied the corners--so it'll be a 3-way quilt--  :--))

See what I mean, well, I guess if we are defined by what we do, this truly shows that I am not totally OCD....as it is "what it is" and will stay that way..

Here is the signature block I hand sewed together from scraps for the back--since it's a "garden" quilt I thought those veggies would be cute..no????; and it will be a gift for a very close gardening maven- friend.....

And so, mes amies, that is where I am--my leftside:  neck/shoulder/arm/hand etc (aaargh) is/are very sore--sooooo, baby, baby steps...(and why do grocery clerks have to fill our bags soooo full I want to know--do we look like weight lifters, I mean really ...oops--forgot--no more whining allowed..) I think a lil' sippy of wine is in order tonight!!

'Til we meet again..I am as ever, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I can't get over how much hand quilting you're doing!! I think it's wonderful! It adds so much to your block! I like your signature block. Very much continuing the theme!!

  2. I like your blocks and your hand quilting looks great


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