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Monday, February 4, 2013


I decided to" treat" (ha-ha) myself this morning with 15 minutes of play a la Victoria: 

 I just adore this fabric and it's been sitting on my shelf for way too long now- And....this batik  (you can really see those great colors if you click on the pix) is ages old--YIKES! from the 70's--I've NEVER even used it!!  See, here's my reasoning (read: rationalization) :--)))
  I've been soooo goood ironing scraps, re-arranging fabrics & just working on my ufq's (unfinished quilts) since Jan. 1st that I had to perform a "trick" or two on my design wall--I hate that empty whiteness!!  

Anyhoo...here is the start of my --at last--Halloween wallhanging...I don't do orange somehow--at least not much--so this fabric really called my name.

Windy but clearing here--just a spritz of snow last night--cold tho'.  
Mom not doing too well, she has pneumonia--so I guess I needed something to help me along in the "smile"--keep calm and carry on--department.  

Back to "good girl" tying for now...Je vous aime, toutes mes belles amies, 
A bientot, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Hello Julierose,
    all the best for your mom.
    The fabric with the victorian ladys is gorgeous, I've never seen such a beautiful fabric.
    Have a nice evening

  2. Love your Halloween fabric! I think your 15 minutes of play was a success! Hope your mom feels better soon. What an awful winter this is! Everyone has been so sick!!

  3. What a beautiful creation- and in only 15 minutes?!?!?! You amaze me! So sorry Cherie is sick- sending her all our love. l, lin

  4. Love the Halloween fabric! Congrats on your surprise news from yesterday! Sending good thoughts for your Mom!

  5. get well wishes for Mom. this is a great diversion and I am not an "orange" person either so it is very interesting.the batiks were waiting for the right partner.......
    cold here too. supposed to be 16 degrees out today...brr...would rather stay home and play in the fabric scraps! lol

  6. great wall hanging and nice blog!
    Sorry to hear about your mom, hope she is better soon

  7. Hi, Julierose. Adorable fabric to play with. Hope your mom's feeling better and thanks for commenting so often over at my place. It's always appreciated.
    best, nadia


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