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Wednesday, February 6, 2013


                                                                 (click on picture)

GHOUL-A-THON:  After much fabric trial and error, I finished up my Ghastlies wallhanging--
All these strange and weird creatures just fired up my imagination:

TO This:        

                                                     AND This Strange bedfellow...yipes   

AND these lovely  ladies:  

AND eek-ville witchey-poos:

It took the longest time to pick out the final border; but I think it looks nightmarish enough to contain all its unearthly population....

And now for something entirely different......
PART DEUX: on my wall:

Here's a change--right???I was dreaming of Spring yesterday and was ironing all these light fabrics  and just sat down and free-pieced--for fun....I have NO idea exactly what to DO with it, but perhaps some idea will hit me.

PART THREE:  Remember me???? I have been calling Julierose--has she forgotten meeeee????

                                                       click on me, too.....

I am all done by hand; I am languishing here...whaaaaaah....

We are hunkering down in preparation for Storm Charlotte this Friday--some forecasts predict over 1' - 2' of snow and 30 - 50 mph winds.  Did our food shopping this morning (got all those snack foods--did you all know that it's okay to eat junk food during a storm???ROTFLOL)...
That's all for today...Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. Love your Ghastlies wall hanging! Scary figures but cute too! Love your hand piece too. So pretty! You'll get back to it. Love that you're sewing freely. Sounds liberating to me! Do you really think we'll get that much snow? We're in the 1-2 feet area. I won't believe it until I see it! I'm off and am so happy I don't have to drive through it!

  2. Hello Julierose,
    your quilt is so beautiful and your comments are great.
    I hope Charlotte wouldn't be as terrible as it seems.
    All the best to you and your family and take care

  3. Your sense of humor just makes me laugh. I am sure the pups wonder if I am okay!......lol.
    I just love your Halloween wall hanging. Great fabric ... Fun piece! Stay safe and warm!

  4. looks great! hope you fare the storm well. we are getting ready to hunker down as well. and OF COURSE junk food is acceptable in blizzards and emergencies! silly!
    we are in the 8-24inch area. that tells me a lot. 8 and 24 are quite far apart so they wont know till its here. by then WE will know too!
    lived through blizzard of 78 here and it was nasty so I guess I will make it.
    gotta bake some zuchinni bread and corn muffins and get ready

  5. Your quilt is great and the border is awesome and I love your thinking process.

    Good luck with your storm!

  6. I love what you've done with your Ghastlies. Reminds me that I have a piece of it in green (I think). I hope you didn't get too much snow. Also, congratulations on having another grandchild this summer!

  7. Did you make it though the storm? Perfect weather for hunkering down in your quilt room with all those good snacks. I can't think of anything cozier!

  8. I love the border you put on the Ghastlies--- the red is so perfect!

  9. I love the red on the Ghastlies--- the red is perfect! l, lin


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