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Saturday, June 1, 2013


Here are my little bow ties that I started about a year ago or so...practically the only yellow I have is cheddar--a few bits and bobs of lighter ones are in my scrap bin.

As you can see I have an empty (oh, yes, all the chocolates gone--hmmm, I wonder who could have eaten them????) Whitmans Sampler box full of them. 

They are perched on my Grand'mere's old can rocker which now sits in our living room...
Am going to round up my yellows this week and see what I can do with them...
Have a wonderful weekend..Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. Cheddar is a nice shade of yellow. Glad you found some in your box of chocolates. Wonder what else will turn up?

  2. Cheddar yellow is nice, but I'm loving those blue bow ties! Yummy.


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