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Saturday, May 31, 2014


Here are the 
StarFlower Afghan centers....I did these while relaxing on our Cruise--the ocean waves wafting...yes, it WAS really wonderful, gals....ahhhh, ,,,,

A surround of "snowfall"--I don't think you can see the silver metallic thread that flows throughout this lovely really white yarn.....

AND--TA DA:  the grey skies from which those flakes of snow swirl....

I am debating if I should add any other rounds:  dark green, maroon...still pondering....

all toted in this cute zipper bag from "Split Yarn"'s shop online....it is just perfect for my small beginnings -- enough room for scissors, hooks, yarn and centers.....

I am continuing to work on these, once home, while watching my Red Sox.  I really really love crocheting so much--it's as big a surprise to me as anyone.  As  I am a lifelong knitter who cannot knit any longer because of my left hand problems....whereas, crocheting allows that hand to just hold the work and my right to do all the twisting and turning necessary.  

Gosh--working on Christmas Afghans already???  Could these be gifts??? Well, I'll never tell.....

hugs to you all--off we go again to see our grandchildren tomorrow...and, DH loves to drive, SO, I get to crochet on the drive, too..YAY!!!!

Julierose, La blageuse, Crochet-euse


  1. looking good there chicka! love the yarns. very pretty
    and what is wrong with thinking Christmas now? LOL I do it all the time. lucky you have a "designated driver" I am the driver usually so handwork is out of the question on road trips

  2. Your blocks are so pretty! I'm working on Christmas gifts too! If you don't start early, you'll never get them done! Hope it's as nice and warm in your area is it is here! So nice out today!!


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