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Friday, May 9, 2014


My DH and I will be leaving on a "Slow Boat to Nassau..."(la la la laaaaa la la!!) tomorrow for a week

My birthday will be at sea (does that mean it won't count??  hahaha) on Monday --and I will be actually E A T I N G something other than salad!!

I am so EXCITED; we are packed and the taxi will pick us up at 6:45 am to take us to our shuttle to  Port Authority in NY--we sail at 3 pm....("Red Sails in the Sunset")...and all that jazz...

So I will be absent for a bit here, but will report back next week....hoping to find some Bahama Batik that I hear is available ....I know, the fabric diet and all--
W E L L , I may never go back soooo...fingers crossed....

I did get my first mailing from Pink Castle today of the Japanese fabrics and they were not what I expected; more of a linen/heavy cotton texture...so, I didn't continue my fabric club.  Kind of disappointed....
But perhaps I can make Willa and Fiona some little place mats from them--they are all little kiddie novelty prints....

I hung up my CQ blocks on my design wall--which has been blank for months and plan to continue working  on them over the summer.

Think of me crocheting away and perhaps lifting a toast to all of you, my faithful followers on this crazy, ever-changing crafty journey I am on...

HUGS  Julierose, LA Blageuse Travel-euse


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