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Saturday, July 9, 2016


Aren't they lovely???

Well, read on.............mes amies

These  (Above) are all "before" the deer came through and

 this is AFTER ;000

Totally eaten...totally cut down....deer dessert!!;;000000

And so I am going to have to dig them up and either Winter them over inside in my backroom fridge or try them elsewhere....

On the quilt front....

I have begun quilting the top and bottom borders now--
HELGA does a nice job..;)))

Here's a closer looksee...Helga's walking foot edge was my measuring stick, so to speak lol

that's one down and one to go...then the side borders...

And that's a Saturday here; we walked on the CT River this morning and we will be having
BLT's with homemade oven french fries for dinner (I, will only be having a
BLT Salad...waaaah....still trying to whittle down my poundage....it is tough...

hugs to you all, (Go Sox, Red, that is!!)
Julierose, La Blageuse (quilting-euse)


  1. that quilt is coming along great. that deer dessert looks pretty and luscious. we are feeding the deer and woodchucks and bunnies here too...... my pansies stay long enough for me to see the bud open then pouf......gone!

  2. I have a daylily that looks just like your first one. Although it hasn't flowered for a couple of years with all the moving I've done. Wonder if it will be eaten by wallabies or parrots when it finally does?

    Your walking foot quilting looks great!

  3. Those deer were very hungry! I can't believe how much they ate! Your quilting is coming along beautifully. I think your straight line quilting looks wonderful!

  4. Darn deer, bad deer, I wonder if there is something you could put on them to prevent them from eating all your flora. Your quilt is coming along. Looks great.

  5. Julie I heard deer dont like sage. try planting sage nearby. supposedly they dont like the smell of it.

  6. Tes fleurs sont absolument ravissantes ...comme ton quilting qui avance bien !
    Bon dimanche !

  7. I love seeing the deer strolling through my yard as long as they don't stop at the garden buffet! This is the first year I've seen flowers on a lily I planted at least five years ago. I've been faithfully dosing the garden with milorganite to deter the deer--unfortunately, my yard is smelling like a sewage treatment plant--lol!

  8. Shame about the flowers! I too have heard they don't like some herbs but I couldn't remember what is was.....now I know!

  9. Such pretty flowers, too. I've heard that Rosemary keeps them away. I'd put it out in pots though. It has a tendency to kill all the plants around it. Good Luck.
    Love your quilting. I've gotta try that.

  10. Shame about your day lilies!!! Heartbreaking when such beauties provide breakfast for the deer. On the bright side your quilting is coming along so quickly if you are going to head on to the side borders - looks good!

  11. At least your pests, the deer, are attractive. Not like wild pigs or something.
    My plummy, lavender-y quilts has completely stalled. I hope your progress will get me back on track.

  12. The deer have to eaten my flowers but they seem to love the leaves of the sweet potatoes and that was after they ate my green bean plants down to nothing - I guess I should be grateful they didn't take the flowers too


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