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Sunday, July 24, 2016


                                       SUNDAY slow stitching 

Hand work on the deck with my morning coffee....a few little cooling breezes
for a while anyway...
Stitching another block for "Circle of My Life"--
 a different take on 365 circles.....

circling.....through memories.....
the navy squares are very old sun prints I made....they belong in a memory
piece, I thought....

I used ferns, hearts, and doilies to print with.....
becoming a SLOW MOON of stitches....

Meantime... my binding for Cassidy's quilt....is ready to go on.....
Perhaps my back will allow it tomorrow...
I decided to have it showing on the Christmas side and so, 
used a lot of leftover
green and red,  and just green fabric scraps.....

It is S L O W progress....and that is ok.

Hugs to all--hope you quilters with bad backs heal quickly....

Julierose, La Blageuse (hand stitching-euse) 


  1. Slow progress is the best kind... lots of time to enjoy our memories!

  2. Lots of pretty stitching. Great fabrics for your binding.

  3. A nice take on the 365 circle project. Hope your back improves!

  4. Such lovely stitching! Take your time and let your back feel better! These hot days lend themselves to slow and steady progress. Feel better!

  5. Take it slow... don't want to hurt your back again. The binding will wait for you.. love the Christmas colors.

  6. I like your memory circles. I hope your back feels better soon.

  7. You always have such interesting projects. Love the embroidery.
    Feel better!

  8. I love love love your Circle of Life! I think a bit of hand stitching when you're laid up is probably the best of remedies. Hope you feel your usual self soon :)

  9. Beautiful! This is just beautiful.


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