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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

DONE & done (for a bit)

And here's the reverse of Cassidy's going away to college quilt
with the binding showing--I ended up sewing the binding  on with Helga--
using a nice zigzag stitch...it is neat and sturdy
 (for dragging around a dorm LOL)

AND here is this:
                                    Just a bit of a Christmas whimsey feel--but not baby-ish
AND this:

                                                        A holiday Pointsietta   .....

 here is the front side that gave me such heart (-burn, -aches, -stopping) trouble!!
And you say--WHY???
This looks really easy, Right?  What is wrong with her??

Well, gals, try using white 1.5" strips (a purchased honeybun) that are cut unevenly--
all wavey and  and (aaaaaargh!!)
 and ravel at the touch....{SIGH}
and even everything out --hopefully--while you attempt to sew the blocks together
 (and you get a lot of hair pulling and various words that
should NOT pass my lips...);0000 {BIG SIGH}:

                    The binding doesn't show here--well, maybe a few smidgens here and there....

                                         Monsieur Tigre is watching over it all.....

This is hanging up in my closet next to her big brother Steven's
"A Piece of Pi" quilt both now awaiting their going away to college. I need to come up with a
meaningful title for Cassidy's opus....so far this has eluded me....any suggestions???


I will be taking a bit of a break from sewing after these two big projects and the
two big girl bed quilts for Willa and Fiona...lots of big ones...in a year...for me....

I will be re-organizing my stash --which is in TOTAL TOTAL disarray--;00000; and
deciding what I REALLY REALLY want to make next.
(I also have the twins 2  college bound quilts to figure out and
make for their getaways--but that is a few years ahead yet--thank heavens!!)

"In the Meantime, in Between Time -----  Ain't We Got Fun... In the mornin',
in the evenin', ....." :.

I have my Circles of My Life hand project and my knitting presents to keep me occupied
while I watch my Red Sox try to win games (SIGH) on tv at night (:000 not doing at all well this year, but a true fan am I!!)--

I need to rest the BRAIN--it's been drained...ya think????

Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Congratulations on a lovely finish!

  2. I had to think this one through, but the fabrics remind me of India, which I thought maybe the Sanskrit word Jnaan which means wisdom would be a great name.

  3. love how it turned out. It's still on my list to do

  4. Love your Cassidy quilt, but I don't have a quilt name to offer. Enjoy your vacay.

  5. This has turned out so well, despite your problems with the strips, and I love the back of it too; so nice that both sides are equally lovely. Enjoy your break from sewing - I have had a few days off but after a bit my brain starts to itch and I know it's time to start something new.


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