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Saturday, July 23, 2016

BACK & BACK (!!)

BACK TO MY CIRCLES...they fall just a teeney bit short of fitting on 
each side of my Grief Cloth--

(you can see the little rectangle I added on the top right to make that row fit...)

I will be doing that on all sides....I am enjoying some hand stitching in between icing my back--(more about that issue below) ;000
            *         *                        *                                      *                      *       *


 we are BACK from our lovely getaway to Newburyport, MA, that the kids gave us for our 50th Wedding Anniversary last year.  (we had to postpone it
because of Thom's medical issues ). 

It is a lovely town on the Merrimac River with brick walkways and benches all over; loaded with shops, restaurants and vendors.... we truly enjoyed our stay at the Essex Inn --a lovely old-world room....
As it turned out--

 I awakened Thursday morning,  and sat up--ready to pack up and go to my son's house on our way home..... and --my back went totally out! 

I literally had to just about crawl around. The innkeeper gave me a bag of ice and I wrapped it in a towel to rest my back on in the car....

 Poor Thom had to pack everything up, load up the car, and drive us home--I was supposed to be the one driving as his leg was very painful.. and we decided we had to just get straight home--

I have no idea what caused this--but I am icing and doing PT exercises--cautiously.  I feel about 90!!  

At any rate, it is a bit less painful this afternoon; I just have to be very careful and move slowly....("Slow down, you move too fast.....") 

And so it goes...I hope you are staying cool if it is as hot where you are
as it is here--
75 degrees at 7 am....ugh

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (icing-euse)


  1. It sounds like you had a nice vacation until your back acted up. I hope it heals quickly. I think adding the black rectangles will work out very nicely. They'll make a nice frame to your blocks. It's so darn hot today. I was off and stayed in the air conditioned house! Feel better!

  2. I am sorry you had back problems when you were gone.

  3. Oh no! Hoping you have a speedy recovery.

  4. You poor thing! What a way to finish your lovely trip.

    Hope you will be feeling better soon - take it easy!

  5. Backs must be on the menu at the moment, I have been down and out for two weeks with mine - no posts or meaningful quilting achieved! Take it easy and hope you improve pretty quickly.

  6. Blue Emu Oil and Arthritis strength Tylenol... You can get the oil from Wal-Mart. Helps me a lot, hope it helps you.

  7. Oh no--I hope your back is better soon--back pain is so awful!


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