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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Success

I was able to post my "Lil Twister" pix to Flickr Group---yay!!!! My first try on that!!

Here is that picture of Week One:  All sewn together (Ahem:  alert--it seems (seams??? you can groan here) that I have a little trouble matching seams and sewing straight lines....yikes--this new machine is really different from my old Pfaff--which had that great built-in walking foot--No-thing moved under that one....well, guess I'll get used to my Viking (they came down from the North, slashing their way: this way and that--and unfortunately, THAT'S how my fabric is going!!)  Sigh.....well, most of the corners are really matched up ...

Here is a little view of what I may use for a border--being SUCH a texture freak...

This is an older Robyn Pandolphe  (sp???)fabric that I love....tone on tone--and bien sur:  Roses. Again.  I can almost smell them.....ahhhhh Summer:   Gotta love 'em....


I have to love the potato soup which I am making in my crock pot for dinner (see, in our world, if you have a light soup dinner, you can then have a "snack" while watching tv--yup that's our rule)....that and walking 5 out of 7 days...(now, I admit, that one is tough to do...we can but try...)  Love and hugs to all of you--have a great President's Holiday weekend  Mmmmmwah....  Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I too had problems when I switched from my Pfaff with the walking foot, to a Viking. But that was about 18 years ago and I love my Viking now. But my son still loves the Pfaff and even though it is almost 30 years old it is still going strong!

  2. Your twister project is looking great! I love the fabrics you're using :-) Congrats on the Flickr success. Yum! Potato soup in the crock pot....sounds tasty. I'll have to remember that snack rule. It sounds like a great one to me! Hmmm a snack sounds really good right now......

  3. Potato soup sounds great, esp. in this cooler weather. Ha, I also love texture and have that same fabric! I just found your blog! Nice!

  4. I now sew on a Baby Lock which has a built in walking foot. My old Viking didn't so I know what you mean. I also had trouble matching up all my seams. It's harder than it looks! I think your quilt top looks just fine! We're all too hard on ourselves.


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