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Monday, February 13, 2012

HEXED by Sea Flowers

Here are those pesky hexagons sewn together:

As you can see, the sides are not even--this is the best I could do w/o unsewing (sigh!!) which I have done about ten times, it seems.  It'll be a table topper, and so, who will notice???? I love the hexagon work, but need to get a "PLAN" for putting them together. 

Here are some of my favorite rosettes:

This one shows how the first two rows are made up of two-fabric hexies.  I have a lot of rosettes left over and will be making another small quilt from those.  But, in future I think strip piecing will be my method. 

Also, here are all the Spider blocks all sewn up.  I need to re-size so that they are even and then decide whether to sash or not or how to border them. 

(Sorry for the bad picture, am having trouble with my computer sending these all over the **** and gone!!)
Do you like the spiders in their multi-colored setting or should I do color familys (eg blue-purple, red-orange, green-turquoise)???? I just don't know. 


Do you ever finish sewing up what you thought all along would be a spectacular quilt and then.....you put it up on the wall and go "Yeah, so....?????"  That is where I am right now.  Maybe a little sewn-out.....Anyhoo.......Have a happy Valentine's Day all.....................

Julierose, La Blageuse

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  1. I love hexagons too but they are a pain to put together. I like to do handwork and like to use my stash. Your hexies are so pretty!!


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