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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superquilt Saturday

Bonjour, Here is what I have done this week...

Purple Spider

Turquoise Spider

Yellow Spider


A couple of these using English Paper Piecing and no glue

SEE, just freezer paper ironed on...it is hard for me to press the seams and stitch with my left hand, but a few at a time seems manageable...

I had planned on using Teresa's method on "Fabric Therapy", but made such a mess of the glue, that I fell back on my usual method of EPP (English Paper Piecing)...

I have a question :  WHAT will I do with all of these triangles leftover from my Spiders dans Le Jardin ?????

Four per block= 36 of these lil' babies--AND I just LOVE this fabric--it has such cute sayings all over it along with garden implements: (like: Gardening is good for your soul", Happiness is in your garden", "my heart is in the garden" etc).  So I do not want to waste it. (A la Bonnie Hunter and "using all of your scraps")( which really cost $9 and up per yd--what a disgrace!!  REALLY--end of rant) Maybe cut into strips along with the different colored strips from the spiders?????  Any thoughts???

AND look what I found for my travels in the car or over short day trips (note:  My Tommy LIKES to drive, so I can sit and sew--yay!!)  :

This Vera Bradley Small Travel Hanging Organizer (I saw one on someone else's blog and cannot recall where --not trying to steal anyone else's idea--if you read this let me know and I will give you credit for this super idea) It is just right to put everything in that you'll need for small blocks AND I found one online at the Vera Bradley Site (I have no affiliation with that CO.  just love her stuff) and it was reduced and sooooooo  of course I got it!!

It even has a cute all round zip and handle --out the door and ready to go n' sew:

And so, with this (phew!!) I and my four wonderful grandchildren bid you adieu-
-Hugs  Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Julierose, I love your spider quilt! I've always wanted to make one. One of these days, I will! I'm feeling better today. I've been machine quilting my baby quilt. Half done! Trying to make up for yesterday. Hope you're feeling better too!!

  2. What fun blocks! They are going to make a great quilt!


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