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Friday, September 20, 2013


REMEMBER ME??? Well, finally!  All those handwoven-torn-strip blocks are together and I have added some in stampings and some raw-edge applique flowery hats:

(Sorry for the blur--my camera just wouldn't cooperate this morning).  the Stamps are from my collection that I used when scrapbooking and the flowers are
fussy cut from scraps....Here is a Wonder Woman....

I WAS going to sew it on the machine as it is huge--but I am going, instead, to try out some kantha-like stitching--as this top is applied to a light backing already, I am only adding a backing--no extra batting so it should be very easy to needle through....
Here it is laid out on my dining room table...I am still in a quandry as to the finishing binding or edging--but I will ponder that as I stitch underneath in the coming cold Winter weather.....

Now onto basting....not my favorite thing as I find it hard on my back!

Now you can see where all my pastel blues went...since it is really all tron up scraps, I am posting this on RSC13 tomorrow as my week's entry also (this is not cheating, right?????(LOL)....

Hopefully, I will get this one off the table before Thanksgiving comes--yikes!!  

Hugs to you all
Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Yummy! I just couldn't think of any other word to describe your new flimsy. Sounds like you are making a "summer" quilt, as my Grandma would call it. A top and backing, quilted or tied, is a great light weight quilt. I have a double wedding ring she made for my Mom, that has such a thin batting that it works for a summer quilt. (Some of the fabrics have disintegrated and the whole thing needs fixing.)
    Thanks for showing your weave. I absolutely love it!

  2. This is lovely and as Terri has said above it looks like a "summer" quilt, I love the idea you had of stamping and appliqué and hope you show another photo when you have added the Kantha quilting, which I think would be ideal!

  3. Nice! I love it. that is neat that you could combine stamping and the quilting.

  4. I am wondering how you made this ? Did you temporarily glue the fabric as you were weaving, or sewed the edges? Could you explain a bit more about it?
    Pascale, la francaise en ANgleterre.

  5. lovely! what a cloth...it is great that you were able to take this so far....

    1. I had a wonderful time working from your class online; now to continue with quilting it...thank you for the inspirational lessons...julierose

  6. Definitely a light blue project! A beautiful one.

  7. Beautiful! You come up with the neatest ideas! Love the stamping. Can't wait to see how you finish it up!


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