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Friday, September 27, 2013


WELL, they're all sashed and up on my wall--BUT: yesterday the hubster and I got our annual flu shots....my left arm is useless for now.  Last night I could not get comfortable at all so was
up at 1, 2:30, 3:15, etc...aaargh!!  Of course, hubby had no reaction....and so it goes....

Anyhoo....that is my excuse for its not being together....okay...here is how two of my favorite blocks came out:

I just love that fussy cut little sailboat--perfect for Sea Glass--you can also see the sort of tie-dyed sashing I finally chose ....

And another block I like is this one:

That little sea flower poking through....this is really a different type quilt--very low value and scrappy  from a distance despite some of the brighter spots....I am hoping that the final borders will be able to pull it together better--right now it seems kind of "blah" to me....

Or, too busy or just....something off...I hope to be able to sew these blocks together tomorrow--if my arm allows me to work (just trying to lift it is quite painful...poor baby...[lol])
Perhaps some little "sea themed" appliques at the sashing junctions?? So far no ideas seem to work...maybe I need to not "LOOK AT IT" so much...really, sometimes I just get so intense about things....{sigh}....

I will hook up tomorrow with RSC13 light blue as I think the sashings do contain a very pastelly (is that a word??) type of blue.
For now I am your Julierose, La Blageuse  


  1. I love the way it looks! It's gorgeous. I can't find anything "off" about it!
    I have heard the flu shot is making many people's arms achy this year. My hospital has already run out so I won't get it until the next shipment arrives. I can wait! Have a nice weekend!

  2. how about a thin border first of a red to bring out that part of the quilt? then a calmer border like the sashing

  3. Definitely like the low-volume scrappiness happening here!

  4. Sorry about the arm. I really need to get my shot this year. Hope the quilt tells you what it wants soon. Looks good to me.

  5. Blah? Are you kidding me? The colors are diverse, it's not at all predictable, it's quite exciting, actually. I love that it's part "I Spy" - lots of little treasures to find - like in the sea. You probably have looked at it too much.
    Hope your arm is feeling better soon. (I never get the shot... I really don't socialize that much, so don't get exposed to the germs. There is something good about not going to the Dr. and sitting in that waiting room. - And I haven't had the flu for over 15 years.)

  6. I hope your arm starts to feel better soon. Love the sail boat. I have a little sail boat some were in my crumbs too.

  7. Beautiful fabrics. I hope your arm feels better!


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