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Thursday, October 3, 2013


They are jumping out of the box!

I am in hex-a-gonia once again..........................



JUST THREE OF THESE HYBRIDS ......AND............................
IN THE BOX--These few ready to be sewn.....(there's been a lot of playoff games on tv!!!LOL)

I pretty much only work these at night; hubster is intent on his DX-ing (shortwave radio stuff vocabulary!)
and we both are watching the playoff baseball games with great interest.  We are both avid Red Sox fans and want to see which team they will play Friday night!

As far as my "Monet's City" hexagon piece, I am looking through my stash (so un-organized am I) for
a similar landscape piece to surround these babies.

On a personal note: I went for my weekly visit to see Mom @ nursing home yesterday and found her needing a haircut; as she is unable to tell the resident visiting hairdresser just what she wants, I took her down and explained ---[she wants a weight line in the back (tapered through to the neckline), cut up over her ears in front and bangs.  She just always wore her hair very short and people don't believe that at 94 she still shuns any kind of "product" in her hair--comb n' go!]

  I felt it was a good visit--a lot of her abilities are waning, but her feistiness isn't one of them! (ROTFLOL) She is still a "pistol"--as the family always called her....I won't go into detail here, but it is very difficult to see your Mom fading....

And so, the hubster had vacuumed, dusted, done laundry by the time I came home---Phew!  What an absolute sweetheart.....I sat on our deck and looked at the view for quite a bit...thinking......

As always, Je suis: Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Your hexies look amazing! Your life is so full with your Mom, your grandchildren and your quilting too...

  2. You are a good daughter to look after your Mom. I am not.


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