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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

MISSIE--LOOK AT THIS! (Respite Interruption)

Isn't she gorgeous????  Since we've had colder nights, MISS CLEMATIS has decided to put on a show!!

They have such a sweet aroma....................yummy!!  thank you so much again for sending
me the rootlings--
Hugs, Julierose. La Blageuse


  1. Your Miss Clematis looks great. - I've seen, that you'll be participate the CQJP 2014 and I've seen many great Crazy blocks in 2013. I am very interested in this project. Can you please tell me, what you are want to do with the 12 Crazy blocks. Are you going to make a quilt or a wallhanging?
    Thank you so much and take care

  2. Is this autumn clematis? I t usually blooms in Septemberish around here. I love it and it is so pretty growing around picket fences.

  3. Miss Clematis looks wonderful. even with threat (colder nights) she decided to put on her best show. nature is so wonderful and beautiful.
    have a great day my friend.....


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