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Friday, October 11, 2013

MOONSCAPE--RSC13 / October

These are the first blocks I made for this week's RSC13 Black/Grey month.

I drew out a little plan (gasp...don't fall over now!!):

This is where I'm heading for this month--I just can't seem to make a few blocks and
 then put them away, can I? 

Anyhoo, I free cut 5" squares in stacks of 4 together and then switched
the parts.  I didn't even pin them, just free-sewed them slowly matching curvy
 edges on my Helga with her 1/4" foot. 

 (Good girl, Helga ):Then trimmed them down to 3 1/2".

Here's the next batch ready to go....

Next week hoping to do the bottom cross blocks...I haven't done much curve work at all, and thought I'd be brave and give it a try.
I am not so sure that I like this darkness...but maybe like Dante I am finding myself off the path
and in a dark wood right now....

Hugs, to all Julierose La Blageuse


  1. i love the dark and mysterious look to your piece!
    Loved seeing your sketch too - can't wait to see where this goes.

  2. I love that idea of free hand cutting a sewing. They look great and it looks very artsy!

  3. You are a little rebel...good for you for doing the curves free hand!

  4. Love this so much! Your curved pieces came out great. Looking forward to seeing more!!

  5. love this idea! I have some that I did years ago but after I cut out the pieces I chickened out on the curves and sewed them by hand. can you guess why it is unfinished??? LOL but neat patterns come out of playing with this little block.

  6. You are brave. When I do curves I hand stitch. Something about the sewing machine - like the car - gotta go fast! Maybe because you did... maybe I'll try again.
    I do love the look of your blocks. Especially because you added some color. I started the black, grey and white blocks, but it's soooo cold a look that it's hard to work on them.

  7. Love the modern design. Looks like abstract art. You go girl!

  8. Really like this project - curves can create such interesting patterns! Good luck - looking forward to watching your progress!

  9. I like your dark curvy blocks. I think they look great!

  10. Love the curves. I'm sure you will find a way to dilute the darkness.

  11. Wow, Julierose, I really like your Moonscape blocks, lovely darkness.

  12. These are looking great and I love your mix of fabrics!

  13. This is gorgeous! I love the fabrics. I wish I could do circles, I just can't seem to get the hang of them.


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