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Friday, October 11, 2013


Here is my first ever pillowcase with enclosed seams--the "burrito" method is amazing!  This will be for my grandson Steven (13) who plays alto sax with his high school jazz band and loves the color ORANGE!!!!

I have never done enclosed seams before or do I ever do much "utility" quilting.  I was so surprised at how easily this went for me....even Helga approves...the only problem was with the final end seam: to sew over the first enclosed seam was pretty bulky...maybe there's a trick to that, too...Dawn are you reading this????

I've had this music fabric for years and could never find a way to use it w/o cutting it all up!
It is super soft...don't even remember where or when (isn't that a song??? hahaha) I bought it.

I am just hoping that the grandson doesn't think it is kind of silly.....we'll see.....his birthday is coming up on Nov 23rd.....fingers crossed (cause if he likes it, then the other 3 will want some, too!!)

And here's that landscape-y border from another print that's eons old....I have SO much of this stuff.

This made my day--hugs, have a superior weekend, Julierose, La Blageuse (first-timer)


  1. Your grandson will love that pillowcase! Did you make it by rolling it all up? I roll everything up and then sew. It sounds like your burrito method. Aren't they fast?!

  2. Well done Julierose, I suspect you will be making more of these; it's turned out lovely!!

  3. Great pillowcase for your grandson and love the music fabric!

  4. Great job! I'm sure he'll love it! I have a request from my son and girlfriend for christmas. What pattern did you use?

  5. well done my friend! I don't have any secret for that bulky seam. but they are fun. I want to whip up a few for my mother in law in the nursing home. thought it may be fun for her to have a fun pillowcase and maybe one or two to give to friends there. it will also help me use up some stash just sitting around. I love your music fabric. very neat!

  6. Beautiful pillowcase! Love the fabrics.
    I make pillowcases like this and with that pattern all the time for my family with all kinds of Marvel fabrics, fun fabrics. So fast to make. I top stitch the hem seam.
    They love them and request new pillowcases all the time.

  7. I love your musical pillowcase!! So will your grandson.You'll be busy making them for the whole family soon. Thanks for mentioning the burrito method. I've been thinking I should make some for Christmas presents.

  8. I love to make pillowcases. Yours is great. An awesome way to use musical fabric.

  9. Love the pillowcase! I have made a few and then wrap the quilts in them for storage. Your grandson will love it..... I owe a niece a pillowcase and she would love the music theme.... I think I need to go shopping!

  10. Hi, Julie Rose. Cool pillowcase--I just LUV those fabrics, especially the music fabric...you let it sit around all that time?????!! The moonscape in the previous post is shaping up beautifully as well.
    best, nadia

  11. Well done! Both of my sons were in the Jazz Band in high school but my eldest is the one that continues being really involved in music. I bought musical fabric and never used it....

  12. I think Steven will love this! I too play the alto sax and orange is my favorite colour!


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