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Thursday, June 23, 2016


I took out this VERY old totally hand project I had started along with Mom
Cathedral Windows...she used Dad's old ties for hers on muslin...

Here is a close up of the fabrics...so many eons ago.....I want to finish 
this one into a nice table topper....

Her is the 2nd block I had started that i am now working on--out
on our deck's glass top table in the early morning coolness....

Long ago stored in this Whitman's Sampler tin of chocolates I gave Mom
for Mother's day....
(Note to self: I used my telephoto lens on the 1st two pix and my
smaller wider angle lens on the 2nd two....have been wanting
to check out my new lens that I got for my birthday)

So while I ponder (alone and weary lol) about Cass' quilt, 
I need to busy myself and my hands with some fabric work; I can only
knit for a couple rows on my "gift" shawl--which i cannot show you
yet...;--00 (ve haf lurkers....)lol

Today is for Lotus Eaters...out on the deck;
But I did 30 minutes on the treadmill after one hour yesterday on
the boardwalk (off-dah!) !

hugs and many thanks for all your input...so far the "butter-uppers" have the most votes....i am leaning that way too..and did find some really cute
kitty fabric that might be ok for borders even though it is a print....

I hate being on "the fence"...but am biding my time .....definitely
in pondering mode...
Julierose, La Blageuse (wondering-euse)

P.S.  for my scrapbooking followers be sure to watch Shimelle's latest
video on YouTube--it is wonderful on "Week in the Life"


  1. Ce sont de très beaux blocs JulieRose remplis de souvenirs !

  2. Sometimes putting it aside for a few days helps and sometimes sleeping on it inspiration will hit.

  3. This is beautiful! So special that your mom started it and it has your dads old ties! I may attempt to finish one that that I inherited from my mom. I need to get a pattern....lol...I have no idea how to do this block. I need early morning handwork for my time sitting on the deck with a coffee! Hugs, karen

  4. C. Windows... that's a challenging pattern! I've never gotten up the courage. Yours are gorgeous.

  5. Beautiful batiks -- ummm, perhaps a mottled batik would solve your dilemma with Cass's quilt sashing? It could provide spacing, movement, texture, and continuity without overwhelming the prints in your blocks -- looking closely at these cathedral windows blocks suggested this idea. (I do think your fabrics are sending you messages)

  6. Such beautiful blocks! What wonderful memories they hold for you! Real treasures!

  7. handwork somehow helps to calm us and free up the mind to think. I always go to handwork when I am in a quandry. wish I could sew with you on the deck. I am with you in spirit girl. the answer will come to you on Cassie's quilt.


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