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Monday, June 13, 2016


Two pages to begin my Christmas album--using some of the very few photos I took of our children --Candice (L) and Jeffrey (R)--back then there were no digital cameras and film and cameras were an expense for us.  So these photos are very precious and for that reason I wanted to include them in this album.

Our next-door neighbor, Ernie-- dressed as Santa-- came over on Christmas Eve to talk with Candice--(Ernie and Pam, our neighbors,  had no children 
at that time and were totally besotted with Candice ;--)))
 --this was in 1969...

AND.... as you can see, I was VERY preggers with Jeff at that time..he was born Feb. 25th with Pam as the attendant Nurse--how lucky was that!!). 

Candice is holding her favorite dolly--Suzie-- in the upper picture and in the lower one, my Mom and Dad are giving her a Raggedy Ann.

 In some ways this time seems very long ago and in others not so much...time has a funny way of expanding and contracting for me lately --
I think because I am working with these older snapshots 
and journaling a bit for each page.... 

On these two pages I am trying out the layering clusters that I studied in my online class....

and...here is Jeffrey on Christmas morning in 1971, in our first house,
opening  his gifts ...don't you just love those footed sleepers? 

At this point, he had not as yet begun to talk and did a lot of pointing .... 
he was the BEST and easiest baby...so good-natured and happy...
he would sit on my lap and cuddle for hours....how sweet....

These two pages will be a double spread right at the start of my Album;
I  plan on using different prompts to include some old pix of 
myself, Mom and Dad, and Thom (dh)--
these are few and far between as no one was especially
 picture happy like we tend to be today....

I have taken out Cassidy's quilt blocks and am arranging them
 in sewing order--
maybe this week I will begin to sew the rows...
Time to set up Helga for sewing on fabrics once more--whe is very
versatile that way (ROTFLOL)

Tonight is Thom's spaghetti sauce extraordinaire!! Yum!!;--))
no cooking for me...good thing, as I am finding myself a bit slow
and feeling tired today...
a bit concerned with some issues we are
facing--BUT..so it goes 
and I am enjoying each lovely day as it comes....

hugs to you all from my sunny, windy home..
Julierose, La Blageuse (scrap-euse)

P.S.  You will be seeing a new gmail address for contacting me :
pyanorose@gmail.com--hoping that this will solve the problem
 of my comments not showing up in your emails...
please let me know if you don't get them....thanks ;--000


  1. Your photos remind me of my kids when they were that age...Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Your pages look great. Those photos are so precious, I'm sure. Your layout of everything is very attractive. Your class is working!

  3. great way to preserve those memories Julie.


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