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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


I am getting re-acquainted with "Jack, the Seam Ripper" (lol  Jeanna!!)

I have resigned myself to taking off EVERY ONE of those white outer strips....
as I handle them, they are raveling even more on the unsewn edges....
(&*$#%!!!) etc etc....Beware folks, this is a total vent post  

I was wondering what my Summer hand work would be...well here she is!!
THIRTY-EIGHT stinkin' blocks...plus these below already sewn together
 in rows!!

I have done one row this afternoon=-ing 4 blocks--hello neck ache!!
(or is it pain-in-the-neck???)

at least i found my little sharp ripper...my other one is all rusted out--
let's not go down that road...

As a present for making, what, in my heart of hearts, I
KNOW is the right and most likely 
the ONLY decision--I am treating myself to a piece of this:

My own homemade, baby, apple pie...I found the recipe on "Desserts For Two"
blog and decided I NEEDED a piece of apple goodness.....

Hugs from Kooky-monga-rip-it land...

Julierose, La Blaguese (rip rip rip-euse)....


  1. Your blocks are too pretty to waste. You and Jack the Seam Ripper have a summer romance, for sure. Sorry.

  2. Yum! The apple pie looks very comforting after all that ripping.

  3. Sorry sweetie. Square them up, have some ice cream with that pie and try again.

  4. Oh dear!! Only just catching up on posts after a bad week!! This post of yours yours has echoes of mine re the seam ripper. You were making such great progress, bet the apple pie helped though!

  5. I have to wonder why you have to take them off? They are such pretty blocks! I am sure the pie was helpful! Yummy!

  6. i got a layer cakes from them once that had the right amount but one of them was cut into

  7. Sometimes we just have to make those touch decisions but in the end, you will be happy you did.

    That apple pie looks fantastic! You certainly deserved it :)

  8. Take your time and just get it over with. You'll be glad when it's all fixed. Eat the apple pie as a reward!!

  9. waaa - I hate unsewing but I like your nickname Jack the ripper, lol.
    lovely looking pie!

  10. You're right - only pie could make up for that...

  11. Oh no, how frustrating. Nothing worse than have to rip stuff out. Your pie looks fantastic though.

  12. Tommy had that shot, his lasted a year


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