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Wednesday, June 22, 2016


My lavender fabric arrived--ironed it, folded it, and cut strips--
pinned it up to see....

BUT: (waaah;--000)

I am not liking it!  
I think it is too light and doesn't play well with the white
strips in each block....What do you think????

Here's the right side...I think it looks just blah...

And I don't want to use white ...any suggestions will be appreciated.

Now i am thinking I should just butt up all the squares to each other and then
look for border fabric--hmmmm

I pulled a few fabrics out of my stash closet, but nothing seems to go well--
too busy, too dark, just too, too!!  ;00  

Meanwhile, my santolina is in bloom--it loves dryness and survives lack
of rain--good thing, as we really are dry here....

Julierose, La Blageuse (puzzle-euse)


  1. Hate that it does't work! Dry her to peoples corn is turning brown.

  2. I agree that it is probably too light. What about a dark purple?

  3. What about a peacock blue/turquoise fabric?

  4. I agree with too light...maybe a slightly darker shade? Can't completely visualize from your picture, but maybe butted up against each other without sashing IS a good alternative. Beautiful colors!

  5. I don't love the lavender here either...purple might work, though. Butt them up and see what happens.

    Cassidy is going to love whatever you give her and will appreciate knowing that you went through all of this for her.

    Sending you a great big HUG, my friend.

  6. Look at the colors of your santolina -- silvery shades of grays with those pops of yellow .... Hmmmmm, maybe?

  7. Wow that is a tough one. What about a gray? Either a light gray or even a slate gray?

  8. what about butting them all then a small white border and then a border of one of the beautiful fabrics in the quilt?

  9. Something will come to you. Maybe lookin at other quilts using her whole fabric lines will give you ideas.
    I have faith you will figure it out.

  10. Oh man. Disappointing. it's hard to visualize what other colors would look like without being able to audition, my gut says use white or butt them together. Just curious why you don't want to use white? The blocks are just gorgeous!

  11. Too bad the lavender fabric doesn't work. Hate when that happens! I think gray would be good but you could just sew them together without the sashing too. Try it out and see what you think!

  12. A black would make all the blocks pop. Good luck with your decision.

  13. I agree that the lavender is far too pale. Have you tried a dark fabric or even a multi colour which will bring out all the colours in the Tula fabrics.


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