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Thursday, June 2, 2016


Border fabric: starched, ironed twice, cut to 3" strips....for my
newly titled :
"PS, I Love You" quilt  (PS for postage stamp) 

I am happy with how this French language fabric 
edges the multi-scrappy blocks...
(this piece is way too large to get into a photo in my room--
so here is right side);


Left side --
this print goes with it all--now to haul it down and sew it
                                            E V E N L Y!! ;000

Trying to finish this one and two others....more later, stay tuned.....

It's only 63 degrees here and  with windchill feels like 58--
pretty cold for June!!
Holding off on any planting...will cover my basil tonight...

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. PS, I Love You is a fabulous name. Great choice for border fabric.

  2. Love that border fabric! looking great!

  3. Love that border fabric, hope it doesn't get to cold tonight

  4. Your postage stamp quilt is looking beautiful!
    LOVE your border fabric too.

  5. That is some crazy weather!

    The border fabric is perfect, I'm glad you decided to use it.

  6. I agree, that border fabric is lovely! The scale of it works so well with the scrappy 16-patch blocks.

    I feel your pain with the weather especially since we're supposed to be PAST the last frost. My fingers are crossed because I already planted everything during last week's heat wave!

  7. I'll trade weather with you. Heat index over 100... I'm staying inside =). That fabric is lovely on the border.

  8. PS is looking great!
    I didn't know you lived here in Superior, WI. We are having 55 with a nasty cold rain right now. I think winter was nicer! Hang in there JR, global warming is coming, they say. LOL

  9. This is a gorgeous quilt! Shame about the weather, it's very wet in Germany at the moment, but really hot too, not nice.

  10. Your border looks amazing! I'm getting so sick of this weather. Hot, cold! Never know what you're getting!

  11. wonderful name for your quilt and your borders are fabulous.


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