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Tuesday, June 14, 2016


So....here are the first four of Cassidy's blocks sewn in a horizontal row....
Aren't they pretty???

Well, that looks pretty good, I'm thinking....(so without putting the next three
rows up on my wall) I mean, I could fudge the "leetle" bit of differences...ya know??

so, I sewed the rows WITHOUT placing them up on the wall .....(hmmmm)

Now, if you follow my blog, you know how upset I was (am) with those white strips being wonky, uneven and raveling..... (sigh!!) 
and I stated that I would butt them up against the straight
 edge of the 2.5" strips....right???

this is what it looks like now...

really, really  pretty fabrics right?? 
BUT, there is a gremlin lurking   .....
can you spot the problem????

Here and

Here and even more so.....

H E R E!  Aaargh!

Nothing is matching--I saw on the Youtube MSQ video-- comments how if you sewed a strip on the left and bottom of all the squares 
it would be easier to, well....to
match the seams....well, then again, maybe not....;(((((

Right now, only horizontal rows are sewn...two more to go.  I am not a seam ripper-outer...just not!!

 And there is just so much fudge-ability (this is a definite word in my quilting dictionary apparently! ;000)

sooo, I really am at an impasse here....
any suggestions--other than ripping out??? 

I was thinking maybe putting a 2.5" lavender strip in between rows (but no plain lavender in my stash!!) 

so here I find myself:

 "bewitched" by the video of MSQ,

"bothered" by wonky strips they recommended and i bought; 

and "bewildered" as to how to F I X this....

Because I L O V E this fabric...and have none left either...

I remain your (very )humbled quilter
Julierose, la Blageuse-in wonkyland


  1. What a shame! I'm not sure what you can do about it without re-sewing some seams, but I hope someone can come up with something!

  2. Oh dear! I like the idea of putting another 2.5" strip between rows, perhaps you have another color in your stash that would work? Does Cassidy have another favorite color?

    Otherwise, you may want to introduce yourself to Jack the Seam Ripper :(

  3. I would rip out. That would bug me too much but I do have quilter's OCD! The blocks look beautiful!

  4. Beautiful blocks and I may just take them apart, square them up and have another go at it.


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