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Monday, June 20, 2016


This is all done

In the midst of this right now--trimming up to 10.5"

I have all the green/aqua blocks trimmed and have decided not to sash them with white strips,
but rather set them against each other--two rows of green, two of pink and two of purple
bordered by the lavender fabric I (caved in!!) ordered online....

FYI: for you walkers out there:
I went to our boardwalk and did 40 minutes (I have only been doing 20 minutes on our treadmill up to today,, so progress)--while (poor) DH went up to his PT for his pinched nerve problem.  He will go again Wed and next Mon--then he will get the lumbar epidural shot on the 29th...we are hoping for the best results....

These wildflowers are blooming just off our deck--the scent is amazing--enveloping us as we sit out there....in our own little Land of the Lotus Eaters....

Hugs to you all
Julierose, La blageuse (seweuse, knit-euse)


  1. Beautiful blocks - glad you are not going to add sashing.

  2. Love the new idea for Cassidy's quilt.

    Congratulations on your walk! 40 minutes is a long one!

    Good luck to your DH...prayers for successful PT and shot.

  3. Blocks are looking good!! Hope your DH can find some relief from the nerve pain with his shot, having that problem myself I know it is not easy to deal with.
    What are the wildflowers?

  4. Your blocks are gorgeous - I love those colours together and no sashing is a good plan :-) Well done on your walking... hope your DH's treatment goes well. HOw lovely to be surrounded by scent as you enjoy some fresh air!

  5. I like your plan B for the quilt. still gonna be beautiful.
    congrats on the walk. and will pray for hubs to get some relief

  6. Love your blocks with the sashing! Walking is my primary form of exercise and I love it! Hope your husband feels better.

  7. Your blocks are looking gorgeous and like your alternate plan.

  8. I like what you have going with your squares. Sort of a slice of nature look.

  9. Hi Julierose, I am epecially drawn to your green and purple quilt as I am making one right now. It was a special request from a cousin and I wasn't too sure about the color combo but yours is WOWZER! I love it! And it makes me more confident than ever to go ahead with the plan I have. I found you on Wont-To-Be Quilter's comments. I clicked on your comment because I liked the sound of your name. :)

  10. I am enjoying your Tula Pink adventure along with my Tula Pink-ish adventure. Your quilt will be so very loved!


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