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Sunday, February 21, 2021



I have the left 9 blocks sewn 
(but not in rows yet as
I will be re-arranging them)
And have begun on the next 
group of 9
If you click on the image
you can see that I am using
MSQco papers for stringing...
strangely enough
it doesn't look like my scrappy
strings have diminished
at all!!
Go figure!!

This WIP 
is coming along,
but I am taking a
rest as my hands 
flared up from hand quilting...

It is coming along...
S L O W L Y 
I knew this would be a long
term project when I began
and I am okay with that...
It is a pleasure to quilt these
lovely fabrics...

Here is my 2nd fabric for my 
Project WIP
another long term one...
but such fun...
An all-time favorite ;))

I have decided to USE
my special fabrics-
I mean What in the World
am I saving them for??
The sun has actually deigned to come out this Sunday..
With the snow on the ground 
it is quite cold still..
not up to even freezing as yet...
I hope you are all safe and staying warm
and having a sew-wonderful

Hugs, Julierose
La Blageuse



  1. It's a good thing you have a machine project and a hand project to give your hands rest and still be creative. We are going to finally get above freezing for the next 3 days if the forecast doesn't change.

  2. Lovely projects to work on. Yes, we are keeping warm, its Summer here in my part of paradise! I do feel for so many of you snow bound and many without power, I hear on the news. It can only get better, hopefully.

  3. Got to use the special fabrics! No use keeping them until we are gone, because whoever inherits them won't know how special they are.

  4. Love your string project. I too have a hexie idea for toppers. Once i finish more naybe I will work on it.
    Cold here and i guess rainy today.

  5. I'm sorry your hands are complaining about quilting. I've been having trouble with carpal tunnel. It's so frustrating to have the time and desire to quilt but not be able to do it. I try to hand quilt two hours a day but I have to take an anti-inflamatory or it doesn't happen. The hexagon fabric is delightful. Why is it so hard to use our favorite fabrics?

  6. Those spiderweb blocks are SO pretty! Rest those hands - you need them.

  7. Smart thinking to have a couple of different projects on the go so you can rest your hands. I do the same thing. As for things like scrappy piles not diminishing - I swear there's a gremlin that resides in my sewing room that spends every night adding to my piles. If I ever catch the little critter, there's going to be h-e-double-hockey-sticks to pay!!

  8. Your pink wip is looking so wonderful! Good job getting through the blocks.:)

  9. My scraps haven't diminished either. It's a plot! Little scraps sneak into our house every night.
    The hand quilting on your flying geese is beautiful. I enjoy seeing these but, like you, they pain my hands to do very much.

  10. The scraps never go away! Just keep increasing! I love your projects. I used to be a hand quilter but it hurt my hands too much. The longarm has quite the learning curve but much easier on my hands.

  11. Do you ever feel that your scrappy strings multiply overnight?? I'm with Wanda on having both machine piecing on the go o=in addition of hand stitching, I find that's the only way I can avoid extremely sore joints.

  12. Your projects are so pretty. I love the pink. It is good to know when you have to rest your hands! Ha ha, all the scraps! They multiply and never seem to diminish!

  13. I love the title of this post. WIP-ing. Do you pronounce that as whipping?
    I also like that you have so many projects on the go. Me TOO! xo

  14. When the scraps are so pretty we don't really mind them multiplying now, do we? I agree. No point saving them. Live now and play now...tomorrow may be too late.


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