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Friday, April 26, 2013


I am working on finishing the back of my Pansies Tabletopper and will be bordering it with RSC13 greens! I used my Go! Baby cutter to cut all those greens and more purple pansies to finish up the back. 

The green row is the outside border and all the purple pansies will inhabit the inner sections--

One side of this small project contains 360 hexagons!! So, this side will add another 360--yowsers!!  720 (right??) and also 360 little batting hexagons ---hmmmm--I really am using that hexie die to death!! 
I plan to quilt it by machine (deep breath....a first for me!!)

There is a little peek up there at my next project--which will have to remain a secret...for now. Nothing like my usual work--very modern looking!  

And here are some little bits and pieces in a log-cabin-style setting that I fooled around with a bit--just for fun...

my greens are disappearing....

and so is April...soon the Merry Month of May will be dancin' in...I wonder what color will be next????

Thom and I walked on the river today and saw ducks, hawks and ospreys...just lovely...but the wind off the water is still C O L D!

Have a spectacularly wonderful weekend..
Hugs pour toutes mes amies....Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Wow you are doing great with all your hexies. Mine are in a box, I need to get them out and start working on them again.
    Green is a nice peaceful color to work with!

  2. Love your hexies. The colors look beautiful together. Hope you enjoy machine quilting! I thought it was cold today! Where is the heat??

  3. Ahhh, you know I do love hexies! What size are those? I use a Sizzix die cutter for mine! Sneaky sneaky!

  4. Well, I LOVE pansies so I know I'll love your table topper. Good thing you have something to cut those for you!

  5. Pansies are my favorite so can't wait to see more of this!

  6. A double-sided hexie tabletopper--very impressive! I can't wait to see it all together. It's looking beautiful.

  7. Purple and green hexies - gotta love it (Mardi Gras colors, doncha know!). And lol, I spy some green fabric I just used to make a vine-covered cottage!

  8. Your Pansies Tabletopper is looking gorgeous, just love the purple and green together, my what a lot of work.

  9. Such pretty hexies! Both sides...Wow.I can't wait to see it.

  10. Beautiful purple and green fabrics. Wow, 720 hexies. That's a lot.

  11. Great idea to se your hexies as a border! Love those greens!

  12. The green and purple hexies are great, what a wonderful idea to see them as a border. I've never seen this before. I think it'll be a lot of work.
    Enjoy your weekend and take care

  13. The hexies are great. I love the purple and green combination.

  14. Love the pansy fabric. Looking forward to seeing your new project start.

  15. I love your pansies; very striking!


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