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Friday, April 12, 2013


Hello, everyone--I bought a new machine 1 1/2 years ago--(I named her Helga--and she and I canNOT get along)!!

I had an older model Pfaff before which I wore down --they just couldn't fix the timing for me...and I went with another company--
H U G E    M I S T A K E!!!!

My present machine just isn't reliable sewing a straight line seam!!  I pin, stop and re-align, make sure the presser foot is down etc ad nauseum.  I've had my good friend, a wonderful seamstress, try it--and she agrees--not good.  

If you have any suggestions for a machine that is a good piecer and small- quilt straight line quilter, I would appreciate any and all suggestions...

H E L P!! I cannot wrestle with this anymore....

 Julierose, La Blageuse  P.S.  (I cannot afford thousands of $$$$). 
 (DUH!!) ;---))))


  1. well you didn't say what brand you have that is giving you the problem - I have a low end Janome and we get along pretty well but I want something with a stronger motor and a friend of mine is going to sell her juki which is just a straight stitch but sounds perfect for me so I think I will be getting it soon. I want to test it out first though. She is just down sizing and doesn't need it, fairly new machine and a strong motor (and she will sell it to for under $800 so that is a plus)

  2. I absolutely LOVE my Juki TL98Q! It is straight stitch ONLY, and sews 900 miles a minute! :o) I really love the little hole for the straight stitch, cuz triangle points can't get sucked down into the slot and get chewed up! (A HUGE benefit to me!) I got it online at about $800 two years ago (retailed about $1400 then); could be less now! And it has a knee lift (awesome!), auto thread cutter (awesome again!), big foot pedal (I hate those little stubs that only a toe fits on!), auto threader, and a really nice extension table! It sews like a dream, and the machine quilting is great on it as it has a 9" throat! I love it, and tried using my 'other' machine a few weeks ago, and I can't even sew on anything else now! I told my hubby is was like going from a race car to a Pinto! LOL

    Let me know if you want any more info on it.....I just love this machine!

  3. I also bought a Pfaff a few years ago because my mum told me that Bernina didn't have a good name anymore at home (in Switzerland). I have to admit, I was never really happy with it either. I later got a cheaper Bernina and as time went on I upgraded "her". I'm now on my third Bernina and I still like them. The good thing is that Bernina has machines for any budget. Best of luck!

  4. So sad that your machine does not want to cooperate. I use a Singer 301 for piecing and it is straight stitch only. I love it and because it is an older machine it is quite inexpensive. I cannot offer an opinion regarding quilting as I only use it for piecing.

    I also have a Janome 6600 and I use it mainly for paper-piecing, attaching binding, quilting and mending. I DO NOT like to piece quilt blocks with it.

  5. I am assuming that your Pfaff had a built in walking foot which makes piecing nice. I have one that I used for quite some time until my husband surprised me with a Bernina. Now the Pfaff is a back up machine.

  6. I've had a Janome for 22 years. It is computerized and is starting to wear out. I would love to get another Janome later this year, but have not looked closely yet. My aunt has a Juki and loves it so much and it was under 1k. I think it is important to make a list of what you need to have in a machine. For me it would be auto needle up. That,s my only demand, besides that it sew well! My Janome has never had any stitching problems and has been a wonderful tool to have so long"

  7. I'm with Regan and ADORE my Juki TL2010Q! Ditto to everything she said. It makes machine quilting fun for me!

  8. I have older Bernina's, a 1130 and an 830 record. They are both great machines, and the 1130 is my regular machine. I also have the Juki TL98Q and use it for my quilting. It sews a very nice seam, has a larger quilting area, and is a very rugged machine. If I were only to have one machine, I could be happy with it. I do like to use some of the other stitches occasionally (the Juki is straight stitch only). If your present machine could be used if you need a zig zag, or other fancier stitch, and you added the Juki, I think you'd be happy. I occasionally see someone selling theirs, usually when they are upgrading to a longarm, so you might get lucky and find a good gently used one.

  9. I have a viking and most of the time it works great. It needs a cleaning right now but I can do accurate piecing with it and quilting - straight line and free motion. Good luck.

  10. You are going to get as many different suggestions as people who answer - best thing is to take some fabric/layered fabric/etc.. and go somewhere that you can test drive different machines - a machine that feels good to that person, may not feel right to you. I have 2 older Brothers and one old (45+) New Home (Janome now)and wouldn't trade them for the word.

  11. You didn't say what brand you bought. I have a friend that bought a Viking entry level machine and loves it.

  12. There are so many machines out there. Go to a few stores and try them out. I have a Viking, BabyLock and portable Janome. I like each machine for different reasons. Sewing machines are so expensive now. Take your time and try out as many as you can. You'll find the right one for you!


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