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Friday, April 12, 2013


I call this my "Christmas Cactus":  This is ONE block:  waaay too many pieces for me.  As you can well see, too many points will be cut off when I add borders.  (The original plan was to make a whole lap quilt--some 144 of those little flowers--hah!) That plan exploded!!! Now it is to be a Christmas Medallion wallhanging for my entryway.  

Here is the next phase--more green--borders......

AND: then:

I felt it was too dark--so added these little bands of white with green

AND: Now it languishes on my wall...like this:

I added the rest of those string blocks plus little scraps of red from those points (well, they WERE points to begin with anyway) and am rearranging, trimming, and measuring....and so it stands for now. (Not yet sewn together just pinned there--waiting...)

In the meantime (in between time...ain't we got fun???):  TA-DAH....
A new "Snakey was born with the rest of those green scraps; scissor cut as I really did my arm/shoulder in with rotary cutting...that will have to be addressed  in the future I think; I am resorting to tearing fabric for strips (and snipping the resultant strings--peeling them away--and perhaps going back to measuring, tracing lines with a pencil and then sewing--like the old pre-rotary days!!).

And next to it  a pink one I made for a month I missed for RSC13....

And that's where I stand for now....later, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Adding the red strips to the border really draws the eye to the center of the block. What are going to make with the snakes?

  2. Hard to imagine not being able to use a rotary cutter --yikes! The snakes are looking happy though. It is fun seeing them come together.

  3. I kind of like those snakes. They look like fun. Are they going to be appliqued to some other fabric?

  4. You are having great green fun! ENjoy!

  5. Your greens are looking great! I'm wondering where you are headed with the snakes too...

  6. I love your wallhanging, and your snakey is going to be very whimsical.

  7. Sometimes a block just is meant for another purpose - enjoy the medalion. And your snake is too cute.

  8. Hope the arm feels better soon. I learned the hard way to break up all the steps so you do a little cutting, a little sewing and little pressing. Good idea for a medalion quilt.
    Those snakes are really catching my eye again. I can't wait to see what becomes of them.


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