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Tuesday, April 30, 2013



How exciting is this, Missie?  The clematis sprigs you sent me are coming up  and spreading.  And another smaller one, too!

I am afraid to move them yet; I read that they like their "feet" in the shade and their "heads" in the sun; but, this is full sun all day long--what do you think?

Let them go a bit longer and then move them?

I covered their little "feet" with pottery shards and as it's still kinda coolish (the wind is downright cold off the ocean) here, I think I'll let them stay for a bit until they get a little more root system established.

Thank you so much for sending them to me--who knew they'd take hold so well!  Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse "garden-euse"...Will keep you posted..Mmmmwah  ;---))))


  1. I'm so envious of your gorgeous flowers! I don't have a green thumb at all! I usually kill most plants I get. Beautiful!

  2. Isn't Spring such an awesome time of year! I love to see everything start sprouting and growing again!

  3. YIPPEE!! They survived from Iowa to your state fare away!! And they are so much further along than mine so far this spring. You can move them if you want, just dig a big shovel full of dirt so their roots won't even know they are moved. They do like shaded roots. Keep me posted! The first year I had this start, it bloomed well, so hopefully yours will bloom this August for you. They will need something to climb on too! I use bird netting so they can go to the roof. Thanks for the update!!

  4. Hello Julie,
    it's wonderful to sew your clematis growing up. It's a good idea covering their little "feet" with a blue and with pottery shard. - The last two days spring stopped, but the text days will be sunny. I hope so. Today I'll do some stitches in my sewing room or put more grannys together.
    Have a nice day and take care

  5. Mine is just starting to climb the pole!


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