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Thursday, April 18, 2013


A small tabletopper:

I'm calling it: Kitties in the Garden:

AND The finished top of the Christmas Cactus wall quilt:

Along with: these little green hexies:

All nestled in my little hexie carry along container:

****Note to all who sent me so much info on their machine likes/dislikes/suggestions etc; I took myself to the LQS where I bought "Helga" and put my troubles before them.  They sat me down and had me go through all the steps I was doing--AND then showed me how I was actually foiling the computerized presets (sigh!!) .  When I originally  purchased the machine the store was going into new owners and I never got lessons. 
 After about 3/4 hour of being shown "how- to's" etc.  I left feeling a lot better.  I still can't use the auto needle threader-- (sighing!!)BUT, I can sew a 1/4" seam--a lot better.  I am still looking around and trying straight stitch machines and thinking of keeping "Helga" for any fancy work....Thank you all again...Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Love the green! Even though some green is seen on Christmas projects, I still think of spring!
    Your sewing machine sounds like it's cooperating a little better.

  2. Kitties in the garden is a charming name! You just reminded me I need to get back to my hexies!!!

  3. So glad you were able to take it somewhere and have the much needed lesson with your new machine. Good luck with your search for the straight stitch machine......I am seeing a lot of people buying 'old' machines for piecing only. It might be a more cost effective way to go. I got lucky and have my Grandmothers singer machine from the 1940s that I am just starting to play with.

  4. It's the season for seeing green! I hope spring is finally springing in your neck of the woods. Glad to hear you are feeling better.

  5. I envy people who are able to come up with some creative names for their projects...Kitties in the Garden is cute.

    Oh, those addictive hexies! I made mine 6 inches and will have to dig that UFO out to work on it again!

    Good luck with your machine. I stick to the basics. The computerized machines are too much for me!

  6. Love your green projects. Sounds like good news about your sewing machine. She sounds like she is like mine, a little diva. Always wants things done her way.

  7. So much pretty green! Lovely... and I'm glad you and Helga are working things out too.

  8. Kitties in the Garden is a great name, the green hexies are looking good with the cute little snipper.

  9. What a very cool take along container for hand work...love it!

  10. I just love green and red together... so of course, the 'cactus' project makes me smile.


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