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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Today, I made the reverse for my Christmas Cactus wall hanging from these three blocks I made quite a while ago.  I really like how they came out ;--))).

Here's the very last bit of my favorite "Dancin' Crow" that I used for Fiona's play quilt...


This really old Mr. Man in the Moon print...and, and....

This Spring-ey Tulip print that I so wish I had more of.....


is that peeking out???

So you can mix modern prints and oldies I guess

or at least...

I like it!!

The border is sooo vintage that lovely soft blue with the vines...

{After a tough visit to my Mom today, I needed to perk myself up---}                 and....
This did it for sure...I may even like this side better than the medallion......and....
it's just little bits and pieces and leftovers all scrapped together..
What.fun on a cold, wet, blustery, gray afternoon here in SE CT...see ya,
 hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I love the way you've mixed your contemporary and vintage fabrics. Fun quilt blocks!

  2. I love it :-) It's so fun to look at all of the fabrics you have in there. Those owls are adorable :-)

  3. this quilt is loooking great. love how the little details "peek out" from the blocks.
    here's to a sunny fun day!

  4. I missed this post! Love what you're working on. You're very artistic. I could never do this. Looks like you're having lots of fun!

  5. I love these blocks, I find when you look at blocks like this its so fun to find surprises!
    thanks for sharing


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