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Thursday, December 11, 2014


Here's the bottom half AND.....
the TOP half...
My back from leaning over and pinning each and every row of blocks together 
exactly (ahhh..does the word fudging ring a bell??? lol) and then throwing the rows over my left shoulder (I also got a pin caught in my earring doing this and nearly pulled my ear lobe off!!  ACK...oh the trials and tribulations!!)
and trying to match the edge to the new little sewing sticky ridge that I added  (what I think is...;--)) a scant 1/4" from my needle..... and with the regular foot in place--guiding it through Helga.  She is a recalcitrant gal...BUT I think it went pretty well--I am not going to use that wobbly plastic foot anymore! (Did I tell you that I cancelled my 1/4" foot order after talking to the "Sewingpartsonline" company and their telling me they have NO IDEA when or IF they will get one???Enough of this AGITA!) I will make what I have WORK--
and I promise no more 1/4" whining!!  Honest--or I hope so!! 

hugs to all of you in this busy Holiday Season--I hope you are finding the time to get some (relaxing???? Huh, relax, who moi???) sewing in...Julierose, La Blaguese (almost done-euse)


  1. It's coming along so nicely! And quickly! I would have cancelled that order too! Doesn't sound like you would ever get that foot.

  2. I like fudging and use it often :) Love the quilt.

  3. ROFL thank you for the smile. The quilt is lovely, and vintagey feeling. I hope your ear feels better though. I did something similar not too long ago while binding a quilt with a lot of white. Somehow I got scratched by a pin on the underside of my arm and did not realize I was bleeding profusely.

  4. wow! that is a lot of piecing Looks great!

  5. Your quilt is coming along very well and now that you have made peace with the 1/4" issue I am sure it will all fall into place for you!

  6. Your halves are looking pretty awesome ... it's going to be a gorgeous quilt when you're done.

    I would love to put some of that sticky ridge stuff 1/4" away from my needle (I even bought a package). I have a small ruler with a hole in it to measure the 1/4" but I worry what if I don't get the ruler straight? What if I apply the ridge so that it's not a true 90 degrees from the needle. Argh! So I use my 1/4" foot and hope for the best. I stress about precision but it seems like no matter how hard I try, no matter what techniques or gizmos I use to ensure accurate piecing, my piecing is only moderately accurate. I give up ... it is what it is ... fudging and tweaking and easing is just going to be part of my piecing repertoire! ha!

  7. I had a little giggle visualizing your earring mishap. Who says quilting isn't a dangerous undertaking--lol?
    Your top is looking great--very Christmasy!

  8. Love that, it's looking really good. Want to make a scrap quilt after Christmas

  9. Thanks for the laugh, Julierose. It doesn't look fudged at all - the corners look like they are matched up perfectly!

  10. So this must be the front that goes with the Old World Santas on back. Well, Old World looks like it goes perfectly with your quilt. I love fudge!

  11. Oh look at your Christmas Quilt. Lovely. Yes laughing at the pains we get from quilting.


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