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Saturday, December 6, 2014


Sleigh Bells Ring has grown up a bit since I last posted.  I now have four rows of 6x6 blocks (3 across and four down) sewed horizontally and I've added the off whites in a double row on each long side. 

My whole week has been about edges (more about this further on....)

Monsieur "Partridge in his Pear Tree"  ;--))

I love this rose square ;--)))

Well, folks----this journey has been an eye-opener; I have collected mini charm squares the past year and cut some with my GO!BABY (go!! lol) and each company's 2.5" square is sized differently!  Who knew?!  Pas Moi!! 

So this is an exercise in matching up for sure (especially as I am --oh no, not this AGAIN??--so 1/4" challenged--and for those of you still interested [anyone??] my 1/4" foot has STILL not arrived!! I ordered it from "sewforless" on October 6th!!!!--it should be sew-less!! humpfff!).  

Hey Dawn--see your fabrics that you so (sew) kindly gifted me?  The Dancin' snowmen and my favorite angels--a part of you will be in my quilt...thanks again...hugs....

And now for a different kind of "EDGINESS":

It doesn't look like much, but I added all those black hexies over Thanksgiving (and I am thankful for finishing those! 3 sides to fit in each)
 and also on this side:

those aqua-ish ones on the left--my piece now has two sides ziggy-zaggy and two sides with 1/2 hexagon holes in it! 

My next step is to make Monsieur Monet's Water Lilies floating and to add  the French Writing....and another puzzle to be solved is born...I do like the city buildings though...

Today I hope to sew more squares on 1/4" challenged Helga--oops--sorry--I won't go down that road rant again! 
But........... I have to rest my hand from hexagon stitching as it is sore...

I hope you have a sew-full weekend...

hugs, Julierose, La Blageus (Edgi-euse)


  1. I have noticed too that pre-cuts not all seem to be cut the same. A friend said she has found this to be so with jelly rolls also - they do not all seem to be created equal

  2. Hey J,
    Just as you mentioned your sore hands I remembered seeing palm gloves that pressurize. I've seen them at bigger quilt stores and Wal-Mart, I think. It might be just the thing.
    Love the Christmas quilt. The edge is genius! I love the contrast and it's a border without a change in pattern. Way to go!

  3. Okay, I forgot to mention the "Y" quilt is amazing. Are those all hexies? Looks like some are halves? You are amazing!
    And what's this about Monet? We are confused, but you knew that. Lol

  4. Oh isn't your Monet looking dreamy!!! Love your colours and Monsieur Partridge is very handsome.

  5. I don't often use pre-cuts, so it's good to know they aren't all cut the same. I can relate to your frustration with 1/4" piecing feet - I have had issues myself. Still, Sleigh Bells Ring looks great and I love seeing all the cool fabrics you have used!

  6. Yeah precuts are a bit iffy at times. Sometimes it is better to test your completed unit and make adjustments instead of stressing the 1/4 inch seam.

  7. so sorry about your foot issues. it is frustrating to order something and it not be here or not be right. Love your Sleigh bells and I see my little pretties in there. the low volume edge is perfect for that one.
    love your hexies too! that is one I wont tackle. I love hand stitching but have too many projects to use it on already.
    sleigh bells ring....are you listening..... (I AM I AM.....now THIS one I may need to make!) LOL great job my friend

  8. I want to make one not Christmas after the new year, to give to a step grand and if I have enough another one for another. I am smothering in scraps

  9. I love all the fabric surprises in Sleigh Bells--especially the little birds! Take good care of that wrist!

    1. thanks Karen--no sewing on Monet for a couple days--just re (and re- and re- lol) arranging hexies to try to represent water lilies and extend that center outward gracefully (hah! )...hugs, Julierose

  10. Fantastic array of fabrics in your Jingle Bell quilt, and love the 'edges' .

  11. Your projects are wonderful! Love seeing all those beautiful scrap squares together. They look amazing! Your hexie project is unbelievable! Great work! (As usual!!)

  12. Ooooo - what a fabulous 3D effect on your hexie quilt! And the Jingle Bell quilt is coming along really well. I didn't know that about the sizes of the mini charms. That's frustrating for you!

  13. That hexie quilt is amazing and the Christmas one is just so pretty and festive. Surely they've lost your 1/4 inch foot order...it should not take this long


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