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Friday, December 12, 2014


                         "Are you havin' any fun?
                                              Whatcha gettin' outta livin'?
                                                 What good is what you've got?
                                    If you're not havin' any fun?

                                       Are you havin' any laughs?
                                                      Are you gettin' any lovin'?
                                                      If other people do so can you--
                                                      Have a little fun!

                                                       You better have some fun
                                                         You ain't gonna live forever
                                                          Before you're old and gray, still okay
                                                             Have your little fun"

                                               Why do you work and slave?
                                                Life is full of ifs and buts
                                             You know, the squirrels save 
                                               and save  And what have they

                                              You'd better have some fun
                                               You ain't gonna live forever
                                                Before you're old and gray
                                                 Have your little fun!!  

My new mantra song...;--)))

I worked on a small piece for a gift--so I cannot show you it as the giftee reads my blog!!  
But let me tell you the good news--really?? yep!

HELGA quilts like a dream--what a pleasure with her walking (out) foot on and her seam guide she is a treat to use.  
hugs and best Holiday wishes to you all  
Julierose, La Blageuse...


  1. Thanks for the song! I needed it! So glad your machine is working so nicely! Hope we can all enjoy the holiday season. We better have some fun!

  2. Thanks for this! I am having fun! Merry Christmas!

  3. you are so right. time stops for no one.
    going in the sewing room now and putting on some Christmas music!

  4. So happy to hear your sewing machine is not giving you fits anymore--we must have fun!!

  5. I think I have a seam guide, too, but where is the box of sewing machine tools? That's the big question... where is everything? I gotta just keep emptying boxes... but then where do I put everything? Dilemma.
    Love the poem. Especially the squirrel part. I know they have fun, I've watched them chase each other around and around the tree trunk.


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