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Sunday, May 15, 2016


My irises are  so ready to bloom--if the weather would get warmer......

And my Bleeding Hearts are already coming along....

this little flower appeared among my irises this year--
I don't know what it is
but it is pretty....
we are working really hard to try to beautify our little acreage here...
For my little herb patch.........this year

I am planning on basil, tarragon, Italian Parsley and scented
geraniums this year....

Today we went to see Connor and Gregory play baseball--it was
SO COLD--and WINDY--we just froze!!  It felt like March--I couldn't
get any pictures as the whole field was fenced in--it has taken me 2 hours to warm up and many cups of tea....;00

Unfortunately, these sights that follow---do not beautify anything!!

This is the sight that we see NOW on our neighbors' abutting front lawn:

We are not too thrilled--to say the least.....and it appears that it will be staying there....;000 !!!

previously, the BIG BLUE BUS was visible from our tv room and back deck:

And the boat was parked on our circle
So everywhere we looked we saw either the bus or the boat....
and now ...well, enough said--we are not happy campers.....

Everyone else in our area makes a superb effort to have their properties look nice to everyone else....but not our neighbors as luck would have it....

And so it goes....
hugs to you all
Julierose, La Blageuse (upset-euse)


  1. Lovely to see all those plants flowering or about to.

    (Sorry if you get this twice, my internet connection keeps dropping out and I can't tell if something has gone through or not.)

  2. My goodness, it's no wonder you're not happy campers!! That's terrible having that view from your home, terrible, wouldn't you think they would have more concern for their neighbours!! Having said that I love your iris and bleeding heart flowers and thank goodness you have something lovely in your garden.

  3. Ugh at your view. Some people just have no consideration. :-(

  4. Oh no now I think I am that neighbor to those around us. Oh well I don't have a big blue bus, but we have tractors, and trucks, and sheds, outbuildings, which I am sure is not pleasing to the neighbors with the McMansions behind us, but hey we are a farm, and have been since pre civil war. Your plants are coming along. I can't wait until we warm up a wee bit more either.

  5. Love to see your flowers. Our neighbor keeps his lawn impeccably mowed and trimmed. It's nice to look at, but puts pressure on us to do likewise. (Damned if you do and...
    Hang in there, it'll get warmer.

  6. That's why we live on acres but neighbor across the street is covered with junk

  7. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone would be considerate of others.
    Your post reminds me of a neighbor down the street, at least they are not right next door.
    Love your beautiful flowers.


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