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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


            April showers sure brought me lovely flowers--


One of these bloomed:
Cassidy's favorite color.....grape scented sentinel--

Here are today's nine blocks 
Seventeen more to go.....then to find some kind of order....


Even "Monsieur tigre" , peeking out there, is wearing flowers....

I am getting to the end of making these blocks and after laying out 
5 across and 7 down--I am finding that the width of my backing 
will have to be enlarged....as per usual my math skills leave
a lot to be desired...I didn't take into account those sashings....;000

So, some kind of Christmas-sey border will have to go on the back
...will have to do some stash diving....

and that is all for this rainy gray day  
hugs Julierose, La Blageuse (wanting to finish-euse)


  1. Love your irises, mine have buds now. It rained here last night and a little this morning... now it is sunny!
    That math thing is my trouble, too. I didn't have the trouble this last time, but I had lots of fabric.
    Love your blocks so far. Only 17 to go! I'm going to enjoy seeing them.

  2. I hate when you are short fabric. been wondering if I should be buying wide width fabrics........

  3. Mine are dying but your blocks are blooming, they are so pretty. I never liked her fabric before

  4. Your irises are so beautiful.. They remind me of visiting my grandmother's house years ago. She had the most beautiful irise growing everywhere.
    Won't comment about anyone's math skills, mine are awful.

  5. Beautiful flowers! I find I use up the most fabric when piecing the backing. It's a great stash buster!!

  6. Beautiful irises - and your blocks are coming along quickly, this is going to be so colourful.

  7. I'm loving the quilt! You must have some amazing stash.

  8. Pretty blocks. Your quilt is coming right along. Gorgeous flowers also.

  9. Such a lovely iris... and it smells like grape? Wow. I too forget to calculate the sashing when figuring out backings before piecing. Glad I am not the only one!


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