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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


                    The latest three done this morning......

And if I've said this before I apologize--can you see how the cut edge that came on this 1.5" strip (I did not touch it) is so wave-y and raveling??

I put it on my cutting mat and if you look closely (sorry for the close-up blurring) you can make out its uneveness and raveling--in order to fix (??) this I am using the pinked edges of the 2.5" strips as my straight edge---we'll see how this works;000

 (Moda, be very ashamed of yourself on this Honeybun!!Shame on you!!)

"Voici !! La Mama Elephante"------------ her herd is below here:

                 Stepping carefully around the flowers in the middle...;))))

(Can you make them out???--Pretty dainty stepping for elephants..LOL)

And below...the one yellow 5" square in the charm pack--all others have two???
I wonder why??? 

I'll have to see how this fits in....hmmmmm

Mama in her final walk through her field of flowers...enjoying the wonderful scents.....and so my thoughts run amok......

While I was sewing this morning, I was listening to ABC Radio's Piano Classics--so relaxing--time to go and practice myself this afternoon....

I'll leave you with visions of elephants tip-toe-ing daintily through fields of flowers today....

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing-euse-- dans un reve d'elephantes)


  1. All the fabrics in this range are delicious - and Chipper - the new range from Tula Pink is equally colourful. Your ravelling edges, I bought three jelly rolls a few years ago (Kona) and I have the exact same problem with these, it's a real pain having to continually try and cut off the wandering threads!

  2. new vision for tiptoe thru the tulips in my mind LOL
    love these blocks. cant wait to see the quilt

  3. I am with Dawn---remembering Tiny Tim and his Ukulele the blocks are gorgeous. Your quilt is going to be fabulous.

  4. J'aime beaucoup tes blocs avec leur couleur très vive !!
    Bon travail JulieRose !

  5. I love your tip-toeing elephants!

  6. Your blocks look so great! I'm not crazy about precuts. I hate the pinked edges. I always feel as though they try to get away with less fabric.

  7. The elephants are great! I wouldn't have even realised they were elephants if you hadn't pointed it out.


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